An organized home saves money; author plans Valley visit

Special to the Idaho StatesmanJuly 18, 2013 


    Deniece Schofield - the author of five books and the story on this page - is coming to the Boise area to present a seminar on getting organized.

    Publisher's Weekly said, "Deniece Schofield seems to be the most organized person on earth. If participants put to use even a small fraction of her advice, their lives will be, if not happier, at least less cluttered and harried."

    The Get Organized Workshop, which includes handouts, is from 10 a.m. to noon or 7 to 9 p.m. Tuesday, July 23, at the Riverside Hotel, 2900 Chinden Blvd., Garden City.

    The cost is $20 at the door.

    No reservations are required.

    For more information about Deniece Schofield, call (800) 835-8463 or visit

Here are five facts about being organized you might not know.

First, it's possible to have a neat house, happy kids and calm parents all at the same time. Second, being organized eliminates a lot of stress.

Next, interruptions, of course, will never be eliminated completely, but organized people suffer fewer of them. Fourth, you can get organized without having to get rid of everything.

Coming in at No. 5 is the good news: Organizing saves money. Here are some dollar-saving reasons and hints to motivate you to be more on top of things at your home.

1. When things are organized, they are taken care of. This saves the money of costly replacements. No need to buy new toys, puzzles and games for each child because there are no lost pieces. Cars that are properly maintained can save thousands of dollars. Appliances will last longer if taken care of according to a manufacturer's instructions. Easy access to owner's manuals will assure that you use things correctly and maintain them. That will save not only money but time.

2. Buying something you already have at home but don't want to look for (or can't find) is a billion-dollar business.

3. Being organized eliminates purchases made in desperation - saving a lot of money.

4. Being organized eliminates late fees and other such charges.

5. Being organized stops emergency trips to the store to purchase a needed item.

6. If you have a really good deal, big coupon or gift card that expires, note the expiration date on your calendar. That way the good deal won't pass you by.

7. Before you buy anything, look around the house to see if you already have something that will work just as well. Before you buy anything, be sure you know where you're going to put it and that it will fit in the space you've designated. Also, if it's a container, will it hold what you want to put into it? Measure, measure, measure.

8. Keep inventories on what you've stocked up on. That will keep you from buying something you already have on hand.

9. Use the Internet. Websites such as,, and can lead you to good bargains and dollar-stretching ideas. Online local deal sites - such as, which is the Statesman's site - are other resources.

10. Plan menus so you won't be tempted to eat out quite as often. Make a list of 10 to 15 meals and shop for all the ingredients. Then post the list of potential meals on the inside of a kitchen cabinet door. Each day - based on your mood, and last-minute activities you're discovering, etc. - you can choose which meal you'll have. Also, the first person home can begin early meal preparations.

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