Letters to the editor-07-17-2013

July 17, 2013 

THE TRIAL IS FINALLY OVER, and George Zimmerman has been found not guilty.

The strange thing about this and other controversies is that many people are forming their opinions not on facts but along party lines. Even though Zimmerman was a Democrat, an Obama voter, and a minority, the left threw its support behind the other minority, Trayvon Martin. On the other hand, almost all on the right support Zimmerman.

In this case, the jury obviously made the right decision after hearing both sides.

Fact: Zimmerman had injuries to his face, indicating Martin threw the first punch.

Fact: Zimmerman had injuries on the back of the head, indicating he was telling the truth that Martin was banging his head on the concrete.

Fact: Martin had no injuries outside of the gunshot wound, indicating that he was dominating Zimmerman.

Who among us, whether Democrat or Republican, wouldn't respond in any way possible to save your life if you are thinking the next bashing of your head on the concrete may be your last waking moment on Earth?

Martin's end was unfortunate, but I'm glad the jury looked at the hard facts rather than emotional hearsay in determining the verdict.


THE VERDICT in the Zimmerman trial sets a terrible precedent: It is OK to chase down a young black man and kill him because you don't like the look of him.

In case anyone would like to believe that this gross miscarriage of justice was not the result of racism, consider the trial of Marissa Alexander, a black survivor of domestic violence from Jacksonville, Fla., who fired warning shots at her abusive husband. No one was killed or injured, but the judge rejected a defense under Florida's "stand your ground" law, and she was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

The fact is in stand your ground cases a jury is much more likely to view a murder as justifiable if the victim is black and the murderer is white.

The U.S. criminal "justice" system did not fail Trayvon Martin. It did not fail black people. A system cannot fail those it was never built to protect. It did exactly what it was designed to do: uphold white supremacy. Those celebrating this verdict as a victory are celebrating a system of institutionally entrenched racism.


IT IS UNBELIEVABLE that a jury of six women would bring in a verdict of not guilty in the Zimmerman trial. A 17-year-old boy was shot and killed, and his killer got away with it.

Why did Zimmerman continue stalking Trayvon Martin after he was instructed to stay in his car and let the police look into the situation? Zimmerman was absolutely wrong to confront Martin. He stalked him because he didn't like "those people."

I will never believe that Trayvon could overpower a husky armed person like Zimmerman. I believe Zimmerman caused his own injuries so he could claim self-defense after he realized what he had done.

Zimmerman should have gotten manslaughter and prison time if the jury didn't want to call it second-degree murder. He killed someone! Shame on that jury! How can they face the public? Are they bigots or just incredibly stupid?


I LOOKED UP SELF-DEFENSE on Dictionary.com.

Interesting. Nowhere does it say anything about the poor choices that are made by both parties that would put you into a situation where self-defense is necessary.

I am not saying that all of the circumstances leading up to the firing of the gun were smart. I am not saying that Zimmerman was right, or Martin was wrong. I am saying that according to the law, and the jury, it is believed that Zimmerman did act in self-defense.

I hear people accuse Zimmerman of being a murderer. The jury heard the case, and the ruling was self-defense, not murder. I cannot say what was going through either person's thoughts, and neither can you. I feel for both people and their families, Zimmerman has to live with himself. Martin was killed. His parents have positive thoughts from me.

Our legal system is not perfect, but it's the one we have. I do not always agree with decisions that come from the courts, and no one will. I may not like what happened, but I can only say that Zimmerman killed Martin, he did not murder him.


I WONDER if Dwyane Wade, Shaquille O'Neal and Mike Vick were this outraged about the O.J. Simpson case. This was a tragedy - George Zimmerman is not a monster, and Trayvon Martin was not the innocent little cherub that the media wanted us to believe he was. The O.J. jury ignored the facts and freed a monster. This jury paid attention to the facts and voted accordingly. Who deserves to be outraged?


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