Police arrest suspect after bullet hits house

July 15, 2013 

— Roger Matthews and his wife were sleeping when the bullet passed through their wall and into their East Boise bedroom at 3 a.m. Saturday.

It wasn’t until later that morning, Matthews said, that the couple realized the “hellacious bang” that woke them was from a gunshot that lodged a bullet in their home.

Police charged Tyler Allan Holms, 47, with one felony count of unlawfully discharging a firearm at a house. Arraigned Monday, he was still in the Ada County Jail that evening on $50,000 bond.

Matthews and his wife were safe but rattled after the incident, the roots of which weren’t fully clear Monday.

Police reported that the incident followed a personal dispute. But Matthews said his family had no previous interaction with Holms.

Matthews called police to report the bullet and later Saturday knocked on doors asking nearby residents if they had seen anything. At one house, Matthews said, Holms told him that someone was trying to steal Holms’ dog and that he had fired a bullet at that person’s house. Another neighbor gave the Statesman a similar account.

A police spokesman declined comment when asked to clarify the dispute, directing questions to the Ada County Prosecutor’s Office. A call to prosecutors late Monday afternoon was not returned in time for publication.

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