Letters to the editor: 07-15-13

July 15, 2013 


Look to the Bible

Regarding "Abortion returns to national spotlight," Statesman, July 6:

The biggest issue, I believe, that clearly points out that our country is going in the wrong direction is this persistent abortion crisis. Men continually demand to be in charge and unwilling to require women to experience responsible freedom, justice and equality under God.

This huge concentration in our society on physical attractiveness and not on sanity or mental well-being contributes heavily to this problem. There appears to be no plan that legally requires child-bearing adults to have a plan for an unplanned for or unwanted child. Total irresponsibility is the only choice. The Bible makes it obvious that laws, alone, will never solve our problems.



Give equality a try

I am deeply saddened by Carol Bachelder's hateful letter regarding homosexuality. How can someone be so hateful as to believe that gay families adopting children is bad or defending their constitutional rights as human beings is terrible?

I am not gay, but I certainly know some wonderful people who are, and to read someone condemning them, wanting to take away their rights, and wanting to stop them from getting married is outrageous. This is not a "heterosexual society" nor is the rest of the country being "conned," as Ms. Bachelder would have people believe.

There is nothing to fear from LGBTQ people and they deserve all the rights, protections and privileges that anyone else in this country has. LGBTQ people are humans and need to be treated as such. Stop spreading hatred, this is 2013!

I would also like to point out that while "Homosexuals are trying to change society to suit themselves," although that's a very narrow way to view it, many of us allies are trying to change society on their behalf, as well. Some of us truly believe in equality.


'God's family' should embrace differences

In response to the letter by Carol Bachelder, July 8. The "gays" are included in every portion of humanity sharing rights and freedoms.

In years past, my family's dinner table, headed by Italian immigrant parents, hosted an array of "interesting folks." My parents didn't pick and choose who could eat at the table. Everyone was embraced. This is an example of God's family. His dinner table, stretching around the world, has an array of participants - all are welcome. Even though we know what the Bible says about certain "matters." Let's remember the golden rule. It does not segregate. The rule pertains to all humanity.

We are vulnerable to one another's critical viewpoint. Getting facts straight is vital. In the end there will be only one opinion that will matter.

We are born with set traits, gender, ethnicity, and individual attributes. I have learned respect, acceptance, trust, intelligence, love and caring. Understanding and knowledge helps to enlighten opinions and eases up frustrations. Fear is powerful, compassion is powerful as well. I write this for the gays in my family and friendships, all who are cherished.



Thanksgiving idea ...

When you ask people what they think of Boise and the parks, the Greenbelt, etc. one of the first things they say is how great they are, except the geese.

So many people, locals and visitors alike seem to have endless rants about how messy, how aggressive, how worthless the huge and still growing population of geese are in Boise.

Each year several companies band together and provide the local shelters with hundreds, maybe thousands of turkeys during the holidays, which is incredibly kind and generous and wonderful.

Now I know that my next statement will bring up all kinds of haters and feedback and questions and rants all on its own, but I think it's a viable option.

Roast goose anyone? Yum.


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