Letters to the Sports Editor: Sunday, July 14

July 14, 2013 


An inexpensive way to monitor for concussions

Why do they have to use an expensive, complicated brain-wave detector under helmets for concussion evaluations?

There are available small shock detectors that only weigh 1.5 ounces, which are used on packages, and could be put inside helmets to record the G-forces of a hit.

Consumer Reports once mailed packages using all the common carriers to see which ones handled packages too roughly, and published the results.

I am sure they could put a small LED indicator light on the outside, set it for a limit, and if it comes on, you are out of the game.



Petersen producinggood coaches, too

It will be interesting in 20 years to see how many football coaches will be able to track their résumé through Boise State and coach Chris Petersen's program.

That will be one of coach Petersen's legacies: both players and coaches who spent time in the Boise State football program and went on to coach.

Best of luck to Bryan Harsin.


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