Letters to the editor-07-13-2013

July 13, 2013 


... for a beautiful park

Thank you, Mr. Williams, for the extraordinary gift that is Marianne Williams Park.

Every morning as the sun inches up to a blaze over the Foothills, I have the profound privilege of riding my bike through the oasis you have created. This Disney-inspired morning, two baby deer and their mom bounced along the river on my right while a white-tailed rabbit hopped through the tall grass on my left.

For 30 minutes each day, I am a kid again, out of school with the promise of a summer day stretched before me. No car insurance. No mortgage. No 401 (k). Just the freedom to smell freshly mown grass, watch the sunrise and maybe, if I'm good, have a banana Popsicle in the afternoon shade.


... to emergency team

We would like to thank the emergency on-call team at Boise City Forestry, which responded when a neighborhood tree dropped a very large limb on a parked car June 30.

Despite record temperatures, both foresters (Fred Lambrect and Brandon Biorn) acted quickly and professionally in removing the limb.

Everyone present commented on their high level of service while clearing debris from the street. They made a very positive impression on our neighborhood.

DAMON AND KAY LYNN BROWN, residents of Depot Bench, Boise

... to a caring community

On behalf of Ahavath Beth Israel, I would like to thank the Treasure Valley community for their support of our Deli Days fundraiser and the first Idaho Jewish Cultural Festival. We are so grateful for the amazing turnout at the events and can't wait to share more Jewish culture with you at next year's festival. We are extremely glad to be part of this wonderful community. Thank you, Treasure Valley.

AMY RUSSELL, Idaho Jewish Cultural Festival, Boise

... to angels among us

Angels walk among us although they're not easy to recognize. You can't see wings, and besides, they look just like you and me.

On July 1, I stopped at a buffet restaurant at Fairview and Five Mile. I had decided to leave my purse in the car; however, when I came out, and as I was standing there in the sweltering 110-degree heat, I realized that my purse wasn't the only thing that I had left in the car. I had also left my car keys.

I was shocked to learn that locksmiths charge $50, so I turned to ask some exiting customers if they would like to earn some extra cash ... just drive me a few miles home to pick up my spare key.

Their answer was, "We'd be glad to." When we arrived back, with my key, they wouldn't even accept payment. I forgot to ask their names, and I'm not sure if I would even recognize their car if I saw it again, but what I do know for sure, there are angels among us, although they're not easy to recognize because they look just like you and me. Thank you again! You know who you are ....


... for keeping city clean

The middle of last month I finally got the chance to return to the city I grew up in. Of course, most of the city I no longer recognized.

I unfortunately left in 1975 and returned to see huge growth. Simply amazing! I brought some lifelong Texans with me and they were very impressed at how neat and clean your city is.

You folks have done a great job dealing with the expansion. Thanks for the hospitality we received.

JAY CLOWARD, Weatherford, Texas


Crews should work nights

Construction and repaving on major roadways in Boise over the last few weeks has rendered several major roads and side streets, such as Capital Boulevard, University Drive and Boise Avenue, almost unusable during the day.

This type of traffic mess also affects other major streets in the area such as 9th, Front, and Vista. Other cities tend to work on major streets at night in order to alleviate the impact on traffic during its busiest hours. Why is Boise not using such a common sense approach?



Government does help

Re: Mark Weisbrot column on free enterprise. He is painfully on that river called "denial." He states wrongfully that "it was not the government that got us into this mess." But it was only the government, Dodd, Franks, and President Clinton that insisted that everyone regardless of ability to pay be able to buy a home. It never would have happened without the government.

Yes, Wall Street exacerbated it but government was the sole cause of it.

It is irresponsible of your paper to print outright lies, but then, Tom Brokaw did in his book, as well as Fox News' O'Reilly.



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