Letters to the editor-07-11-2013

July 11, 2013 


Holiday celebrations carry consequences

As you lobbed off your M80 and bottle rockets for the Fourth of July I would like you to take a moment to recognize the personal and pet consequences of your actions.

Bella, a 2-year-old Boston terrier, broke free from her owner as a very loud firecracker was sent into the air and splashed into the canal behind her home.

Our own animals were shaking and shivering under beds and in closets hoping to find "freedom" from the constant onslaught of boom, bangs and flashes of light.

It seems each Fourth the madness gets larger and longer and louder. Is this what we really want to celebrate?

The desire of every man's inner child to blow something to smithereens?

Bella is a service dog for a veteran that just had his leg amputated and now lives in an adjacent neighborhood. As his wife and friend walked that canal that night and the next morning searching for Bella, the man who needs her most and has sacrificed the most for his country is still waiting patiently for her to return home.

Do we as a community need to rethink some of our city ordinances?



There's nowhere to turn for our future needs

The only recycling I do is telling stale old jokes. Pretty much the only "green" thing I do is using the stem of my reading glasses to stir my cocktail.

My local adult beverage emporium knows this and they proffer my libation sans plastic straw, thus reducing my carbon footprint in microscopic increments.

I write this in 70-degree air conditioned comfort (I had it set at 68 but I got a bit too cool sitting near a vent) while outside the forecast is for triple-digit heat for several days.

But even though my environmental bona fides may lack depth, I still think about energy, and clean air and clean water. Really, I do.

I wonder where we can best get the energy we need to power this hungry world. Natural gas drilling might be fracking up our water supply. Nuclear is as dead as Japanese disco. Burning oil and coal makes the air brown. Wind can be finicky. I just don't know where we are going to turn for our future needs.

I might go for a walk and ponder this except that it so hot outside that I think I'll stay here to avoid the sun's unrelenting blaze.



Company meets demands

The recent hot spell resulted in a tremendous demand for electricity all across the region.

As noted in The Idaho Statesman, Idaho Power broke its previous record for power distribution. I can recall some past such events where the high power demand resulted in power shortages, some factory closures and brown-outs.

Kudos to the utilities whose infrastructure and management met the extreme demand and got us through this episode without a hitch.



Better organization needed on Meridian road projects

I would like to add to the letter submitted by Karen Swanson about the Cherry/Meridian/Main roads project.

I too, drive this route frequently and it seems to me to be a very disjointed project. Makes me wonder what third-world country ACHD got its training. Answer me this ACHD: Why wasn't Cherry done while the utility crews were doing their thing on Meridian Road? That could have saved a lot of time.

I also noticed plenty of days with one grader working on Cherry, or two people working on the new traffic signals, or one front loader moving dirt from one place to another and then back to its original place. Of course, I question a lot of "projects" ACHD does - such as paving a half mile of Linder in front of Sawtooth middle school. Busy work? ACHD doesn't rank very high with me. Consult with NDOT or Caltrans to see how it should be done.


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