Fish Rap by Pete Zimowsky: It's time to practice the science of trolling

pzimowsky@idahostatesman.comJuly 11, 2013 

The fishing rod bent down and you knew a hefty trout was on the line.

The spinner and worm worked its magic at about 15 feet deep at Lost Valley Reservoir, about 22 miles north of Council in western Idaho.

It's the height of summer and trolling is hot - hot like in weather and water temperatures. It takes a little more expertise in trolling to get down to the fish.

Earlier in the season the trout were on the surface and taking spinners with ease. Now the water in Idaho's reservoirs is warming up and the fish are heading down to cooler temperatures, and it's a lot tougher to get them.

You've got to check your fish finder constantly and monitor the speed of the boat to get the spinner and worm down to the right depth. Is 2 mph the magic speed? 1.9 mph? 3 mph? It depends on the depth the fish are at that day.

And then there are the weeds that are starting to build up. Yup, trolling is a science and if you hit the right combinations, fishing can be great.

It all pays off in the end with a half dozen nice-size, pink-meated carryover reservoir trout.


I got a tip this week from Jessika Rose about bass fishing at Lake Lowell.

"It is hot right now for anglers and if you have a love for fly fishing for bass, this our time!," she said.

"I picked up six bass July 7 on the south side with a 5-weight rod and it was almost not strong enough to pull in these fish," she said.

Thanks for the tip, Jessika.

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