Chipseal season starts Wednesday in Ada County

Statesman staffJuly 9, 2013 

The Ada County Highway District wants to let drivers know that chipsealing season starts Wednesday as crews work to preserve county roads.

In all, 125 miles of roads will be treated through a process that involves a liquid asphalt mixture, small rocks and fog seal application. The treated roads will include about 45 miles of residential streets and 80 miles of larger, more heavily traveled roads.

On Wednesday, a crew will start on residential streets near Five Mile Road and Fairview Avenue. Another crew will begin in the Banbury subdivision just west of Eagle Road.

The whole work zone includes areas roughly bound by McDermott Road to the west and Five Mile Road to the east, Ustick Road to the north, and Lake Hazel Road to the south. Not all streets within the zone will be chipsealed. Click to download a map of the work zone and roads to be chipsealed.

Crews generally work from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, but crews may also work Sundays or earlier on mornings when traffic is lighter on busy roads and intersections.

If a street you need to drive on has just been chipsealed, ACHD said you can travel on it immediately - but officials advise you to be careful.

In some areas, flaggers may help direct drivers instead of traffic lights, and there could be delays at major intersections.

Click for more information, including weekly updates of where crews will be working.

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