Letters to the Editor

July 7, 2013 


Undocumented possess ingenuity

There are people who are in this country illegally, but it took a whole lot more than wishful thinking to get here. Desire for a better life, planning, actions, drive, ingenuity and a degree of intelligence above average had to be part of it. Are not these people the kind that would make good citizens?


Move military bases to the border areas

Most of our parents, grandparents and great- grandparents came to the United States to escape the problems with governments in Europe and Asia. We had to learn the language, we had to survive. There was no welfare.

We are being invaded by immigrants that are gaining control of our great way of life. They are voting for politicians that are giving them everything to buy their votes.

Here is a point to consider. We are spending enormous amounts of money on constructing barriers along our southern border. That hasn't stopped the migration across our southern border.

Wouldn't it be more economical to place some of our military bases across the southern border from California to Texas? I have driven many times from Orange County, Calif., to San Diego County and that underused portion of land by the Pendleton Marine Base would sell in the trillions on the market.

By placing the military bases along the border we eliminate the need for fencing and most of all the border patrol. It certainly would look out of place for immigrants walking through Marine, Army, Air Force bases without a uniform on.


Unenforced laws allow for 'invasion'

U. S. senators have voted to sanction the invasion of the United States! Instead of such a treasonous act, it would have been more in line with their oath of office to "repel" the invasion. They are oath-bound to repel invasions as specified in Article 1, sections 8 and 10, plus Article 4, section 4 of our U. S. Constitution. Executive enforcement of existing law on the subject has not happened since the 1986 amnesty mandated enforcement. Too costly? In addition, the Berlin Wall fell in November 1989, and the Cold War threat of the Soviet Union invading western Europe has been nonexistent. We still train American troops at Vilseck, Hohenfels, and Grafenwoehr, Germany, for an invasion that is not coming. Since 1989, billions of American taxpayer dollars have been spent needlessly in Germany. Plus, our last three undeclared wars have been fought in the Middle East. That topography is very much like what we have on our southern border. Our 45,000-plus Germany-based soldiers should be transfered and trained in the proper topography and climate for the future. While training they would also be providing security for our border. No more invasion.


Assist U.S. citizens,not undocumented

From what I see, everyone has to have a Social Security number to work legally in the states and, please note, to pay Social Security/Medicaid /state and federal taxes.

If the employer is not doing so, the employer is breaking the law and also the employee. For any state to not pursue and punish the offender, and on top of this, to issue a state ID and/or drivers license is the issuing state, not also breaking the law of aiding and abetting a criminal? I do know the above is true. So please tell me how granting legal status to all illegal aliens, assuming the employer and employee are following the law, is going to increase the influx of tax dollars and help the economy? I see only more votes for somebody to take down our country and increase all welfare assistance.

Let's take care of our own first. If people are so proud of their country, then why do they not stay there and fight to improve their own country instead of fleeing? Yes, this may offend some, but is that not what freedom of speech is all about ? Thank you.



TV announcers need some help

I was born and raised in Boise, spent 40 years in radio broadcasting, have been speaking professionally in front of a microphone since 1955, and have this request: Will a few local TV announcers please pronounce some names and words correctly? It's not "LAY-bwah" park; say "leh-BWAh." It's not "moss-COW" (as in the animal); say "MOSS-coe." It's not "oh-WAH-hee"; say "oh-Y-hee."

There are many more on the list. "Be a PRO and pronounce it so."

Don't say "perfessional," say "professional." Don't say "pertect," say "protect." And it's "inSURance," not "INsurance," just as it should be "deTROIT" not "DEtroit."

Accenting the wrong syllable seems to be in vogue, not only locally, but on national TV, too. It may be cool to speak this way, but it is not correct.

Spoken English is taking a beating these days, do your part to make it right, please.


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