Letters to the Editor: 07-06-2013

July 6, 2013 


... for returning wallet

Thank you to the nice lady who found our daughter's wallet in the street. She went out of her way to find us and return it. That's Boise for you. Great place to live. Wish I had gotten her name.



Letter writer misses mark

Is there no end of letters to the editor from the uninformed and biased who never cease to attempt to force their beliefs on everyone?

The most recent example is from Clarice Wright, Boise, about the American flag being desecrated by replacing the stars and stripes with the rainbow stripes. Who is replacing the stars and stripes?

The rainbow flag has been around a long time, is used by many people and organizations in many countries throughout the world. There are many different versions. The rainbow flag has never had anything to do with the American stars and stripes.

There are several independent rainbow flags in use today. The most widely known worldwide is the pride flag representing gay pride. The peace flag is especially popular in Italy, and the cooperative flag symbolizes the international cooperative movement. There are many more in use.



Forum was self-serving

On June 30, Nancy Pelosi, Wendy Davis, and Rachel Maddow, using the venue of "Meet The Press," expressed their continued support of abortion using the issue of the health and reproductive rights of a woman while completely ignoring the rights and potential of the unborn human within the womb. How self-centered and self-serving is that? As with all supporters of abortion, Wendy, Nancy, and Rachel should be glad their mothers did not support abortion.



Obama offers excuses

Our executive government is riddled with an acute case of leadership failure - IRS scandal, Benghazi, NSA, etc. Federal leaders, even under oath, plead the Fifth.

No one, not even the president, can account for the multiple failures and scandals that plague our central government. Is it corruption or a bad case of incompetence? No one is fired, dismissed or reprimanded. Accountability seems nonexistent. Everything is under investigation, yet nothing gets resolved.

Someone said, "It is the responsibility of a real executive to prevent failure before it occurs, and to correct it immediately when it does." Peter Druckers observed, "If you have an inept worker, all you have is an inept worker; but if you have an inept leader, you have a whole building full of inept workers.

Generally speaking, you can judge a leader by the size of problems he tackles. Our president seems unable to tackle the big problems; he seems inclined to give speeches and excuses.

Incompetence and leadership failure come with a very high price tag, and Americans are paying an extremely high price for recent failures in our national government.

Generally speaking, leaders do what they want to do and make excuses for everything else.



Don't tolerate snooping

The following is a response sent from father to his adult daughter whose e-account had been hacked:

I swear, computer hacks are the scum of the Earth - and they don't even see it as such! Oh well, when our entire U.S. intelligence community is illegally hacking the majority of American citizens, you don't know who to trust any more.

Read an article in paper; ex-Russian KGB intelligence agents from the "cold war" era were stunned that current American intelligence practices are more invasive than they were when communism ruled the USSR.

I'm incensed by all this government snooping. The U.S. has morphed into a police-state; a fascist democracy. If this would have been revealed in the '60s, there would have been a national uprising -a second U.S. civil war.

"When good people do nothing about it, evil will flourish." (Edmund Burke) What a bunch of spineless weenies we Americans have turned out to be, especially compared to our forefathers who fought and died for the freedoms and basic human rights that we have allowed our current government to steal from us.

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither." (Benjamin Franklin)


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