Nampa dog rescued from Mason Creek

July 5, 2013 

NAMPA — Two firefighters with the Nampa Fire Department jumped into Mason Creek on Friday morning to successfully rescue a dog.

Capt. Chris Cade and Engineer Duane Tucker went into the stream after responding to a call around 11 a.m. from a neighbor who reported the dog was in the water just north of Birch Lane between North Franklin Road and Madison Avenue in north Nampa. FIrefighter Todd Cannon also assisted.

The firefighters secured the dog, which was described as part Chow, and brought him up to the bank. Neighbors brought towels to dry the animal.

"It was very apparent he was not going to make it much longer if still stuck in the creek," said Doug Strosnider, the department's deputy chief.

Department officials were unable to determine the dog's owner. The animal was taken to the Canyon County Animal Shelter at 5801 Graye Ave. in Caldwell. The dog was given a checkup and will remain at the shelter.

"The dog is fortunate that the people who live close by spotted him and requested help," Strosnider said. "'Lucky' would be the most appropriate name for him."

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