Letters to the editor: 07-05-2013

July 5, 2013 


Don't knock bus riders

State Reps. Brent Crane and John Vander Woude and the others who oppose the transit hub because they don't want "those people," the bus riders, near the Statehouse, then tried to clean it up by saying they did not mean the bus riders, but the homeless and the panhandlers.

You are supposed to be state representatives, which means you are supposed to represent all of the people in Idaho, including "those people" - bus riders, all the transit personnel, the homeless and panhandlers. People who ride the bus are going to and from work, to and from school (hopefully to produce better-qualified leaders who stop to engage their brains before they open their mouths).

People who ride the buses work, pay taxes and vote.



Not impressed by hobby

I was just wondering, how narcissistic must Dan Popkey be to write an article about the "Antiques Roadshow" in which he considers his button collection as one of the highlights? (Statesman June 30 front page.)



Spying didn't start with this president

I would like to comment on Brett Pike's June 23 letter, "No difference."

Brett and anyone else that keeps laying the blame at President Obama's feet - the last Bush president is the one that started the phone spying. What our President Obama has done is put some rules and regulations on it. He has involved the court and has given us more security and privacy than the original inception of the phone calls. You are about 12 or 15 years late.

So, if you still need a campaign to jump into, do you have a Chase credit card? You might like to know their call center is in India and they have all of our information. So much for privacy. Oh, these big American companies, it's all about money. This would be a good one for the news media to investigate, don't you think?



Workers, women shouldn't be voting for Republicans

In 2014 there will be a big reckoning across this nation. First the conservatives went against workers' rights, then they went after voting rights, and then education funding, and now the conservatives are going against women. They have alienated a big part of the population by meddling with the civil rights of others.

Republican dupes for cleverly engineered propaganda of big corporations blithely accept that money is speech, regardless that we now have $11 billion campaigns bought and paid for by rich and powerful men.

Issues the American people care about the most, like the nation's crumbling infrastructure, climate change, failing education and jobs bills, are ignored or filibustered. They have abused the process. They even vote against their own proposals. In no way can these yahoos pretend they are doing the people's business.

Stop voting against your own self-interest! If you work for an hourly wage, or if you are a woman, you'd be a damn fool to vote Republican.



Ruling could close options for Idaho

The Statesman's coverage of the recent Supreme Court decisions on the gay marriage issue fails to mention the unintended consequences of the court's reasoning. Specifically, the court's findings that state gay marriage bans might violate the equal protection principle of the Constitution, and the possibility that the "full faith and credit" provision of the Constitution may be used to require Idaho state officials to recognize gay marriage licenses issued by other states, the same at they must recognize other states' driver's licenses.

This reasoning is easily applied to state-issued Concealed Weapons Licenses (CWL). I see no reason why California, Illinois, New York and other anti-gun states should not be forced, under the Supreme Court's gay marriage rationale, to recognize my Idaho CWL license. To further this argument, any refusal to recognize my state CWL in other states reflects a "bare ... desire to harm a politically unpopular group" in those leftist states.

Forced recognition of gay marriage licenses is going to authorize concealed carry of handguns in every state in America. Welcome to the land of unintended consequences.

PETER HUMM, Mountain Home

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