Summer's busy, so the Idaho Statesman is extending the outdoors photo contest


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Summer can be hectic, so the Idaho Outdoors photo contest deadline has been extended to July 19. That gives you more time to get outdoors and shoot some great photos, or print off and enter those you've shot in the past.

We will publish all the winners and runners-up on Aug. 1.

The rules are pretty simple. We're looking for photos taken in the outdoors. If you're an amateur photographer, we want to see your best shots of scenery, action and wildlife that reflect life in Idaho's outdoors.

Take your prints to the good folks at Idaho Camera, who sponsor our contest and have a great lineup of prizes, including - you guessed it - a new digital camera.

The store has three Boise locations: 1310 N. Orchard St., 1036 Vista Ave. or 350 N. Milwaukee St.

Here's what you need to know to enter photos:

• Digital entries are not allowed (keep reading for an explanation why not).

• Entries must be at least 5 inches by 7 inches and no larger than 16 by 20, and printed on photo-quality paper. Framed photographs are not accepted, but matted photos are fine.

• You may enter up to five photographs.

• Each photo must be labeled with the name of the photographer, a daytime telephone number, where the photo was taken, and a short write-up about what the photo is about, why the photographer took it and how he or she took it. Entries without this information will be disqualified.

• Entries may be either color or black and white.

• Photos should be an accurate representation of the "natural" scene or subject being photographed. Excessive manipulation can be grounds for disqualification. (Our judges can spot it like an osprey spots a lazy trout in shallow water.)

Now, about those digital photos. We realize prints seem so 20th century, but so is our judging.

We lay hundreds of prints (typically between 600 and 800) on tables so our judges can see them all. Can you imagine our judges trying to scroll through that many digital images and keep track of them all? Yep, pretty tough. So print those pics and take them to Idaho Camera.

Like anything these days, there's a lot of fine print that the corporate folks need us to print to make sure everything is fair and legal.

You can read all the rules at

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