Ask Zimo: Forget fishing Riverside Pond until after construction

pzimowsky@idahostatesman.comJuly 4, 2013 

Q: My fishing partner and I recently discovered the pond at Riverside Park near the Glenwood Street bridge.

The last time we went over there the pond and parking lot were fenced off for construction of some kind.

Have you heard what is going on and how long it will last?


A: Garden City is fixing a water line at Riverside Pond and construction is taking a little longer than expected. It should be wrapped up in early August.

There is no parking access during construction.

You'll find a small area off Glenwood Street with temporary access to part of the pond, but it might not be worth trying to fish because Idaho Fish and Game quits stocking some urban ponds in the summer.

Water temperatures get too hot for trout. I checked, and Riverside Pond is not on F&G's July stocking schedule, but stocking will probably resume when it cools down in the fall.

Riverside Pond is located just west and north of the Glenwood Bridge and the Boise River.

For more information, go to and click on "Riverside Park" and "Pond access."


Q: Hey Zimo, do you know what feeds Veterans Pond for water?

The water is very warm and I cannot find any info on the Net.

URSULA HUGHES, via Facebook

A: Veterans Memorial Park Pond is filled mostly with groundwater, according to Tom Governale, Boise's superintendent of parks.

Some water comes by way of the culvert feeding from Farmers Union Canal.

I checked on some scuba diving websites and the water temperature can get upward of 78 degrees in July with air temperatures ranging around 95 degrees.

The pond is deeper than 30 feet in places, so there are cool places for fish to find refuge from hot water.

Besides trout, you also might find some hefty bass in the pond.

The banks are steep and the lake is deep, so it can be hard to get to fish with bait, a lure or fly.

Fishing a black leech very deep might be the best method to hook into a fish.

Another option would be to haul a float tube to the pond and troll for fish, but I am sure some expert bass anglers would have more ideas how to coax those big bass out of the deep water.

By the way, Boise Parks and Recreation took over the pond and park after signing a 25-year lease in 1997 with the state of Idaho.

For years it was considered a state park.

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