Boise launches new water rescue boat

Boise - The Idaho StatesmanJuly 2, 2013 

— The "Marty Sam" - named after a Boise Fire Department dive team member who died in the line of duty more than 30 years ago - is more maneuverable and stable than its predecessors, Chief Dennis Doan said. 

The new boat has a flatter hull that will help the fire department's dive team effect rescues in shallow areas, Doan said. 

"We can run in just a couple inches of water," he said.

In float season, Doan said, the dive team answers calls on the Boise River several times a day. Often they help rafters who've become entangled in brush or rocks, but sometimes they're called on to save someone from drowning.

With the purchase of the new $35,000 boat, the fire department will sell its two predecessors as surplus equipment, Doan said.

Check out videos of the Marty Sam in action here and here

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