Letters to the editor-07-02-2013

July 2, 2013 


Timely phone call starts worthwhile project

The Morrison legacy extends beyond the arts and Boise.

One of the biggest thrills in my life was receiving a personal phone call from Velma Morrison one hot summer afternoon. She asked if I could use $100,000 toward a project my community was working on to build a nonprofit, 15-bed assisted living facility in Cambridge.

At the time, our $1.5 million project still seemed a bit daunting. With Velma's phone call that afternoon eight years ago, we knew we could do it! She had given a group of strangers her vote of confidence and just the encouragement we needed at the time.

One year later, Velma surprised me again. She and her daughter, drove to Cambridge to see how our project was coming along. They came to my house and spent an hour visiting. I got to meet this adorable woman and I will never forget her.

Salubria Center has been in operations for five and a half years now. We thank Velma and her family for their contribution to building this lovely home where our elderly family members can come to live and where younger community members can come to work.

JENNIFER NEIDER, director, Upper Country Eldercare, Cambridge


Support remains strong

Here in the Treasure Valley, United Methodist churches (UMC) continue long-standing support of Boy Scouting through their ongoing sponsorship of troops and packs as well as an invitation to welcome any local units that might need a home.

Submitted by Barbara Nixon on behalf of First UMC, Boise; Hillview UMC, Boise; Whitney UMC, Boise; Caldwell UMC; Emmett UMC; Kuna UMC; Meridian UMC; Middleton UMC; First UMC, Nampa; Southside Blvd. UMC, Nampa; Payette UMC; Sweet UMC and Wilder UMC

Incidents tarnishimage of Scouting

Are people surprised by the lawsuit of four men about molestation while they were Boy Scouts (June 24)? There have been many news stories about molestation of boys by men.

A Portland law firm released the "Perversion Files" on Oct. 18, 2012. This includes Scout files on 1,247 volunteers expelled from Oregon and Washington Scouting on suspicion of abusing children.

BSA has an estimated 4,700 files on suspected child molesters. To help boys protect themselves, BSA produced the video "It Happened To Me."

Allowing professed homosexual boys to become Scouts puts nonhomosexual boys at risk.

BSA said adults can't be Scout leaders. When a homosexual Scout reaches 18 and is denied continuance, he will file a lawsuit. He will win. Has that been their plan?

When people reject God, as American leadership has done, rational behavior eventually deteriorates. America has deteriorated a long way. Will you help stem the tide?



Republicans moving in the wrong direction

What on earth is the Idaho Republican Party trying to accomplish?

1. Attempting to officially censure members in good standing for voting in favor of a state-run medical exchange. This action is generally reserved for criminal or grossly unethical behavior.

2. Attempting to ban grassroots candidates not sanctioned by the Central Committee bosses. This is the tactic of old line, big city "machine politics."

3. The GOP has successfully closed the primary process.

4. Attempting to reach out and void laws passed by local governments that assure equal treatment of all citizens. This is local control?

These actions and others reflect the values of the old Soviet Politburo, not the behavior of duly elected participants in a constitutional republic.

I appeal to all Idaho citizens of good conscience; The "two party system" is far from optimal, but it's far, far better than what is happening here in Idaho. For the good of the state, the nation, your kids and grandkids, next election cycle pull a different lever.



Don't change the flag

How outrageous! First the Supreme Court goes against God's law by striking down most of DOMA.

Then, I was horrified to see on the news that the United States flag was desecrated by replacing the red and white stripes with the rainbow stripes of the gays.

If they or anyone else wants to create a flag representing their group or beliefs, I have no problem with that, but do not change our national flag! If that is not against the law, it certainly should be!



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