Hot, hot, hot: The Treasure Valley cooks in a heat wave

Statesman staffJuly 1, 2013 

hot weather, ann morrison park, fountain

Dakota Berjkoff, 7, from California and visiting family in Boise, cools off in the fountain at Ann Morrison Park on Monday. The heat climbed to 110 degrees and is expected to reach about as high again Tuesday.


All-time Boise high: 111 on July 19, 1960.

Some historic highs:

• The high on Friday, June 28, was 101. The record is 102, set in 2010.

• The high on Saturday, June 29, was 103. The record is 105, set in 2010.

• The high on Sunday was 104, a record.

• The high on Monday was 110, a record.

• Tuesday's projected high: 107. The record is 105, set in 1924.

• Wednesday's projected high: 102. The record is 106, set in 2001.

• Thursday's projected high: 99. The record is 106, set in 1934.

• Friday's projected high: 94. The record is 106, set in 1896.

Last heat wave: Six days of 100 or higher July 7-12, 2012. Two of those days hit 108.

Early streak: Most multi-day waves of 100 degrees or more are in mid- to late-July. This one started in June.

Warm at night: The record high overnight low is 79 — from July 21, 1903, and July 30, 1994. Tuesday morning was forecast to get no cooler than 76.

Heat advisory: Under new criteria, the Weather Service issued its first-ever Boise alert for two consecutive days of 103 or more and a low of 65 or warmer. Some advice the service offers: Exercise caution during outside activities.

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