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July 1, 2013 

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Jennie Withers is one of the first people to sign up for a new program that will collect grass cut at her Meridian home and use it for animal feed.

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Selection offensive

The Statesman's editorial cartoons typically range from the ridiculous to the sublime. But that of the "caveman dragging a woman by the hair" by Mike Luckovich, for June 22, which also depicts Republican-sponsored pro-life legislation as demeaning to women rather than limiting the brutal murder of the unborn, has to take a prize for editorial-selection sleaze.



Find a real conservative

It's always entertaining to read the nationally syndicated opinion columns, and Charles Krauthammer did not disappoint on Sunday, June 23. Krauthammer lamented America's "barely relevant" role in Syria. Compared to 3,000 American deaths and far more traumatic injuries from our debacle in Iraq, I believe this minimal relevance in a civil war in the Middle East is vastly preferable.

Perhaps we now have hope that the United States can indeed say "no" to participating in someone else's nasty sectarian fight.

There are a number of conservative columnists that I believe present well- thought-out opinions. I would love to see columns from the likes of Niall Ferguson or David Frum appear in the opinion pages of the Idaho Statesman. For now, I'll continue to read the drivel from the dour clown Charles Krauthammer. But I'd prefer thought- provoking advocacy of truly conservative principles to the clueless prose from this fool.



Politicians can take away from what they give

"Government big enough to give everything you want is big enough to take everything you have."(Gerald Ford, Dec. 12, 1974 - also attributed to Thomas Jefferson, Davy Crockett).

Consider, politicians promising government will, "give you stuff" are bribing you for your vote. Once they have enough power, they aren't concerned about your vote, how stingy they'll be. Then they'll take away from anyone who has anything, including "benefits" they've "given." There aren't enough rich people to tax to pay for all they've promised. They'll take away from everyone.

Do you know and trust government? Mom said, "Don't take candy from strangers." Who's stranger than politicians?

Politicians saying their opponent will take away what government gives leave out the part about government taking away what you've earned for yourself. To pay for all that "giving," they need it more than you. They think they know better than you, what's good for you.

They want government, like in Russia, that lets them control what everyone has and where and how they work for it.

If they get what they want, our kids will have to put up with it the rest of their lives. A generation living like that won't remember what freedom is.



Clippings can't be healthy

I was amazed to read the article concerning collecting grass clippings for cattle feed. Considering the amount of pesticides and herbicides dumped onto lawns, I would think that no one would want to use clippings as feed. Republic Services "expects" that fermenting the clippings, along with pet waste, will render them "inert." Is there any proof of that?

Lawn chemicals are not regulated for use in our food supply, so I wouldn't expect that there would be studies on their persistence into meat and milk.

I sure hope that this idea is thought through before it is implemented.

Thanks to the Statesman for reporting on this issue.



Livability issues arecoming to the surface

I have recently learned about "Sustainable Boise." It's exciting to know our city officials are getting more involved with enhancing the livability of Boise.

What makes a sustainable city? A city designed with consideration of environmental impact. We all want clean air, clean water, healthy food, good transportation, recreation. What's on your list?

I don't consider myself a "political person." I do try to keep informed of issues so I can vote, wisely I hope. I am very concerned about pollution in any form. Sustainable Boise is a program I will get involved with. Please consider doing the same, in any way you feel comfortable. Visit the web site: http://publicworks.cityofboise.org/environmental-resource-center/sustainable-boise.


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