What's new at your Treasure Valley libraries

June 30, 2013 



"10 Plants That Shook the World" by Gillian Richardson

Juvenile nonfiction. Cotton, rubber, tea and, of course, potatoes are just a few of the plants that shook the world in many ways. Wars have been fought, diseases cured and fortunes made and lost due to these 10 very important plants.



"The Perfect Ghost" by Linda Barnes

Adult fiction. Mousy and shy to the point of agoraphobic, Em Moore is the writing half of a celebrity biography team. When her writing partner dies suddenly, Em starts to find whispers of skeletons in the family closet.



"A Soldier's Secret: The Incredible True Story of Sarah Edmonds, a Civil War Hero" by Marissa Moss.

Teen fiction. Frank Thompson isn't your ordinary Union Army soldier. He's also a nurse, tending to wounded soldiers on the battlefield; a spy, crossing Rebel lines; and a mail carrier, delivering letters and news from home to his fellow soldiers. But Frank has a secret that could cost him his place in his beloved army. This novel is based on the true story of Sarah Edmonds, who masqueraded as a man during the Civil War.



"Death Warmed Over: Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I." by Kevin J. Anderson

Adult fiction. While working on a case in the Unnatural Quarter, Dan is gunned down and returns as a zombie still searching for justice for his clientele. These consist of a paranoid vampire, an oversexed werewolf and ghosts, to name a few.



"Clementine and the Spring Trip" by Sara Pennypacker

Juvenile fiction. Clementine, Clementine. Your sense of humor makes you shine! What kind of mischief will Clementine get into now? Her mother is expecting another bean sprout just like her little brother, Asparagus. Her best friend is afraid of germs, there is a new girl at school and her class is going on a field trip in the smelliest bus in the parking lot. Read for yourself to see Clementine work it all out.



"Ecko Rising" by Danie Ware

Adult fiction. In a futuristic London where technological body modification is the norm, Ecko stands alone as a testament to the extreme capabilities of his society. Driven half mad by the systems running his body, Ecko is a criminal for hire. No job is too dangerous or insane. When a mission goes wrong and Ecko finds himself catapulted across dimensions into a peaceful and unadvanced society living in fear of "magic," he must confront his own perceptions of reality and his place within it.

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