Letters to the Editor, 06-30-2013

June 30, 2013 


Morality tone starts with the president

Why do you think our government now fully embraces and promotes immorality? Our president promotes homosexuality and uses government agencies to persecute those who would disagree.

Also, would the city of Boise ever fly the Christian flag at City Hall as it did the gay pride flag? This reveals the real reason they removed the Ten Commandments monument off city property.

What is the argument for gay rights? That being gay is like being short or having blue eyes; in other words, it is not a human choice - that instinct is our master. What are the real implications of this belief? The underlying premise for human freedom is contradicted here, that we are moral beings and that we know what we "ought" to do - that instinct is not our master. From the globalist perspective, that's the point, to undermine the logic of human freedom itself, to change the way we think and to weaken our resistance to tyranny. How can global tyranny function if people are free and who will have the "moral courage" to resist?

Human freedom is in danger because we reject God as the source of our freedom and deny our own uniqueness as humans.

JOHN SEALE, Caldwell


Idaho students don't get a break

I have seen the ads on TV complaining that Idaho ranks near the top nationally for states whose high school graduates forgo college, and of those who do "go on," only one in four obtain degrees.

Is this a great mystery? Our daughter, who has extensive library experience and graduated in May with a bachelor's degree from Boise State, recently applied with CWI for an open library position requiring at a minimum an associate degree. She never even got a phone interview. All she got from CWI was an email stating that they had hired someone with "better qualifications." Anyone want to bet CWI had already made their selection prior to posting the opening, or hired someone's niece or a current CWI employee?

Here's the deal, governor and Legislature. If you are nothing more than a bunch of words, pass a law requiring state-run, taxpayer-supported institutions of higher ed posting positions requiring degrees, such as CWI, to interview any qualified Idaho higher ed graduate who applies. You took their money. You sunk them into this incredible student debt. Seriously, show them the respect deserved from obtaining a degree to do something more than just issue them a cowardly email.



Eliminate charters

I read about the decision by the Meridian School Board to revoke North Star Charter School's charter. It is unfortunate, but not unexpected.

I am not a fan of charter schools for several reasons. As a taxpayer, I am funding the Meridian School District, which has a huge amount of infrastructure. Spending additional tax dollars for alternative education infrastructure is a bad idea. Instead, we should be fixing the schools that we already have. If parents want an alternative education, they should spend the money to send their children to a private school.

I suggest that the parents of students at North Star take a chapter out of the Catholic education system and convert the North Star facility into a private school. Is it easy or cheap? No, of course not. Alternatively, they could spend their energy and time helping to make the Meridian School District better instead of relying on public dollars for their children to get an alternative education.

Charter schools are a bad way to fix our public education system and they encourage spreading scarce education resources out even further. I would like to see the Legislature eliminate the flawed charter school system entirely.



Fuel costs too high

Looking at gas again, Sacramento and other major parts of California have gas 20 cents or more cheaper than Idaho; that is unreal.

We should ask Canada to run a pipeline down into the state and tell Utah where to put it. We were always 40 -50 cents cheaper than California and most other states because of low pay (right to work state), but no more.

This is all due to your big shots in office taking care of themselves first. Cheaper fuel means people buy houses, vacations, cars, furniture and such, but the people here are just paying the price and following like sheep. Oust everyone in office like trimming a tree; start at the top.

ART BRYAN, Meridian

N. Idaho is cheaper

I would like to comment on the high gas prices in Boise and the refinery issues. Father's Day 2013 weekend in Coeur d'Alene for a gallon of gas, we paid $3.57. June 23 in Lewiston we paid $3.63.

Here's where I'm a little slow. Does northern Idaho have a pipeline from Canada to supply the gas up there? The pipeline that supplies Boise's gas needs to be looked into. Maybe a new governor and attorney general can look into the price gouging here.


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