F&G to plant jack chinook in the Boise River

June 28, 2013 

— Fishing the Boise River is about to get a little more interesting. Idaho Fish and Game will stock 300 to 400 chinook jacks on Monday, July 1 from the Glenwood Bridge to Barber Park at the sites commonly used to release steelhead. Jacks are immature chinook that typically range between 16 and 24-inches long.

Anglers will not need a salmon permit to fish for chinook salmon in the Boise River this year because only jacks are being released. Once released in the Boise River, they will be considered landlocked and are included under the regional general rule for trout.

The general trout bag limit in the Boise River is six, but special rules apply in one river segment. From the East Boise River footbridge upstream to where Loggers Creek is diverted from the Boise River, the trout limit is two, and none may be under 14 inches.

The salmon fishery has closed in the Little Salmon and the lower Salmon rivers. Jacks not caught in those fisheries and not required for broodstock at Rapid River Hatchery will be transported to the Boise River. Chinook will likely remain in the river for up to a few months before dying, which is their natural cycle after returning from the ocean to spawn.

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