Idaho personal income down for quarter, up for year

Boise - The Idaho StatesmanJune 28, 2013 

Idahoans have 3.2 percent more personal income than one year ago, according to a report released by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis.

However, personal income was down nearly 1 percent at the end of the 2013 first quarter compared to the last quarter of 2012.

Personal income is defined as value of all wages, business profits, investment earnings and transfer payments, such as Social Security, unemployment benefits and pensions.

Income from farming was up 7.3 percent from one year ago, driven by the state's record-setting harvest of $7.8 billion in 2012.

Construction income was up 11.3 percent thanks to the industry's rebound from the post-housing bubble building slump.

Manufacturing was up 13 percent and investment earnings income increased 5 percent.

However, several sectors saw a decrease in year-over-year income, including finance and insurance (4 percent), management of companies and enterprises (4.8 percent) and forestry, fishing and related activities (1.5 percent).

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