Idaho changes wage garnishing rules for tax debt

Boise - The Idaho StatesmanJune 28, 2013 

The Idaho rules governing how wages are garnished on those with tax debts will change July 1.

The Idaho State Tax Commission will levy employers up to 25 percent of the gross earnings of employees owing tax money to the state. The garnishing can continue until the debt is paid.

The commission can currently garnish up to 100 percent of gross earnings.

If the employee has a federal tax debt, the state can only garnish up to 10 percent of his or her gross earnings.

The new laws don't apply to levies in effect before July 1.

The state offers alternative payment plans.

"We encourage all taxpayers to call us to discuss options for a payment plan to resolve their debt," said Debbie Coulson, administrator for the Tax Commission's Collections Division.

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