Letters to the editor-06-27-2013

June 27, 2013 


Uncle Sam not the enemy

There is an obvious mindset on the political right that the federal government is an enemy. There is a manufactured fear that states' rights and private enterprise are being trampled. Even the word "secession" has been heard, and that stifling local initiative and creating a dependent population is the province of Washington, D.C.

What is ironic is that these critics and fear mongers are the beneficiaries of Uncle Sam and, in many cases, they are on the federal payroll. Thinking Americans realize that defense, protective agencies, relief after disasters, etc., benefit and bless them, and that local and state resources are not adequate to meet their needs, or to "secure the blessings of liberty."

Selfishness, greed and corruption exist at all levels of government because we continually elect some leaders who lack wisdom and good character. We voters are often swayed by rhetoric and let party loyalty overrule the general welfare.

It is time to reject hate and recognize that all levels of government should serve the needs of all. We cannot allow narrow interests and corrupt politicians to determine our destiny.



Expanded bus system, adding light rail are key

Recent "Letters to the Editor" regarding the current need for a transit center in Boise are shortsighted. One letter by Gene Hain stated that a transit center will attract seniors to Downtown. But, how will they get there? I am a senior, but there are no buses here in Meridian going there. I haven't seen a light rail train come down Fairview or go up Capitol Boulevard lately, either. (I guess the rail system Mayor Brent Coles proposed died when he left office.) Sorry, but I'm beyond biking there these days. Another letter stated the success of a transit center in Portland. Well, duh! They already have many buses and light rail systems that run from early morning to late in the evening. So, what's a transit center in Boise without real transit? It's a place that will attract transients, drug dealers and problem loiterers to the restrooms and its vicinity. "Build it and they will come," right? So buildrail transit and improve bus service first, then there will be a need for a Boise transit center in some location where real transit meets. (Please, no trolleys that go nowhere in circles either).



Be responsible out there

I live in Robie Creek and some person started a fire today at Hammer Flat. Thank goodness firefighters got it under control quickly, Thank you! Don't throw your cigarette out the window, don't park on any vegetation, don't ignore where your safety chains are connected to your trailer and make sure they are nowhere near touching the ground, don't ignore that wobble - could be a flat and your rim is sparking, don't leave your campfire until it's out (that means no smoke at all), don't burn your garbage in the burn barrel when it's windy or unattended, don't mow over rocks or weed-wack with those metal blades next to your retaining wall, and so on. Keep your wits about you, be ridiculously diligent (if your friends make fun of you, send them to me). I am not up in arms about the inconvenience of fires out here ... I have provisions in my vehicle year-round and I know it's part of life living far from town and in the middle of the forest. Just please don't be irresponsible and ruin someone's life or worse, kill them, with the fire that doesn't need to happen.

KATHY SLICE, Robie Creek


Why do they cost so much?

I am a proud United States veteran and I am proud to advertise this through my Idaho veteran license plate. However, I am very upset with Governor Otter and the Legislature that we have to pay so much ($25) to be recognized. And, not only pay, but pay one of the highest fees in the nation. They should be ashamed of themselves for dishonoring the service that we so proudly display. Idaho's fee for "Veteran License Plates" are a slap in the face to every veteran who voluntarily served this country and were willing to die for the freedoms that you currently enjoy. Why? What is the matter with those guys? Most other states have a modest fee ($10-15) while states like Texas offer them free to all their veterans. I take their lack of initiative personally and I resent their negative attitude toward veterans. What are they going to do? Their lack of action speaks volumes. God bless America and all our veterans. A sign at the VA says it all - "All gave some - some gave all."



Cost of dealing with the undocumented is too high

Here we go again. Proposed amnesty for 11 million illegal Mexicans and counting. The popular media term is immigrants. Hello. Call it like it is. We are broke. The course of action should be deportation of all the illegals and their offspring. Sit on your hands and do nothing or write your congressman. If this letter offends someone, too bad. The truth offends me!


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