Swimmers advised to stay out of bacteria-laden Robie Creek Beach water

June 26, 2013 

Dangerous levels of E. coli bacteria have been discovered at Robie Creek Beach, according to the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality.

The bacteria, the levels of which exceed state water quality standards, can make people very sick if ingested. The DEQ urged swimmers and waders to stay out of the water until bacteria levels are lower.

E. coli indicates the presence of human or animal waste in the water and can cause diarrhea, fever and vomiting. Young children and the elderly are especially susceptible, according to the DEQ.

Officials will continue to monitor the beach, located in the Mores Creek arm of Lucky Peak Reservoir. The source of the high bacteria levels is still unknown.

People should avoid any activity that could cause them to ingest water in the location, according to the DEQ. Warning signs have been posted along the affected beach.

Barclay Bay and Macks Creek Beach in the Lucky Peak Reservoir are not affected, and would make a good alternative for swimmers, the DEQ advised.

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