From the Editor by David Staats: Lending story brings stats to life

dstaats@idahostatesman.comJune 25, 2013 

Staats, David

David Staats

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This edition marks the second time in BI's 2 1/2-year life that we have chosen a main story that was first published elsewhere.

The banking and finance story, which begins on page 6, was our planned cover story until the news broke Sunday, June 23, of Velma Morrison's death. The story uses Boise examples to tell the story of the rise in lending nationwide. It was first published in May by The Wall Street Journal. We are reprinting it by permission.

Neil Shah, the New York-based reporter, traveled to Boise to report it. I admired the way Shah's story makes lending - which can be dull to folks who aren't in the lending business - interesting and relevant. The story connects with the rest of us through the classic journalistic technique of finding real people to share thoughts and experiences that support whatever point the story makes.

Statistics, official actions, reports and other facts are often newsworthy, so we report them. But most of us don't see ourselves, our friends or other people we care about in studies or data. We connect with people. You may not remember a statistic showing that lending is up. But you might remember that Chef Lou Aaron of Boise's Westside Drive In got a bank loan if you understood that the loan allowed him to expand his business, especially if you have dined at one of his restaurants.

I think you will find it revealing and meaningful. Let me know what you think.

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