What's new at your Treasure Valley libraries

June 23, 2013 



"The Mini Farming Guide to Composting" by Brett L. Markham

Adult nonfiction. Whether it's your mini farm or flower garden that needs nourishment, Markham explains how to compost just about anything you can grow. Learn to make a backyard compost structure with his easy-to-follow directions, and learn the science behind how your food scraps become food for plants.



"How to Get Filthy Rich in Modern Asia: a Novel" by Mohsin Hamid

Adult fiction. The third novel by Pakistani author Mohsin Hamid (after "Moth Smoke" and "The Reluctant Fundamentalist") is fashioned as a second-person self-help narrative that ultimately tells the story of an impoverished boy from the rural countryside who longs to pursue his fortune in the teeming city. This he does, after a fashion, while maintaining a lifelong fragile thread to a girl he knew while young. Hamid captures poignantly an observant young man making it in a corrupt and ruthless system, and gentle and stoic awareness as he ages that impermanence ultimately governs us all.



"Country Girl: A Memoir" by Edna O'Brien

Adult nonfiction. O'Brien began her life as a simple country girl in Ireland. Her journey to glamorous and sophisticated author, living and partying in London and America with high society, is an interesting one. The author's honest brand of writing continues as this wild memoir moves through convent school to elopement, divorce, single-motherhood, the wild parties of the '60s and encounters with the rich and famous.



"Damn Few: Making the Modern SEAL Warrior" by Rorke Denver

Adult nonfiction. The author trains the men who become Navy SEALS. In startling detail, he reveals how the SEALS' high-impact operations became front and center in America's war on terror and how these modern warriors are altering warfare everywhere.



"Pomelo" by Ramona Badescu

Juvenile picture book. If you are ready to leave the icy blue of winter and are ready for the joyful new green of spring, join Pomelo on his exploration of color and see it in new and wonderful ways. This is a lovely book to share with your favorite preschooler.



"Yesterday" by C.K. Kelly Martin

Young adult fiction. United North America, 2063. Biological weapons and global climate change have left humanity on the brink of destruction. To protect his family, Freya's powerful and politically connected father sends his daughter and his wife back in time to 1985. Upon arriving, Freya does not remember anything about her previous life. But when she sees a familiar boy on a class field trip, she follows Garren and questions him, and they discover that their lives and families are eerily similar.

When they investigate further, they are forced to run from people who will stop at nothing to erase their memories of 2063 and of each other.

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