Letters to the editor-06-22-2013

June 22, 2013 


... to a caring doctor

After a family member recently visited a Primary Health, he was referred to a speciality medical facility. His referral refused him as a patient due to no health insurance. He explained that he is a 43-year-old man suddenly walking with the help of a walker and is in extreme pain. He continued to offer to pay green cash up front, but was told they don't except green cash.

Immediately, I was in contact with a client of mine, John Eigen who is a pharmaceutical biotech representative. He scheduled a visit for us with Dr. Raymond Hooft at Idaho Minor Emergency Meridian that day. Dr. Hooft made a phone call to, as he described, the smartest rheumatology doctor in the state of Idaho - Dr. Knibbe at St. Luke's Clinic-Rheumatology Meridian. We left with new prescriptions and saw Dr. Knibbe a few days later. No insurance needed and accepts green cash. By the next morning after being on new prescriptions, he could walk without a walker. A great big thank you to Dr. Hooft , Dr. Knibbe and Janeen Jenkins, PA-C.


.. to Gov. Otter, supporters

In response to "Idaho feed biz homes in on Taiwan's racing pigeons. Improving the Lives of all Creatures With a Lot of Help."

We were thrilled to see that the Idaho Statesman shared the exciting news about our expanding business in Taiwan. This is an opportunity not only for Dynamite Marketing, but also for building Idaho's economy.

Dynamite's mission is to improve the lives of all creatures, whether they are horses in Idaho, racing pigeons in Taiwan, or human beings, and we do it in an all-natural way with focus on high quality nutrition. Additionally, while there was some mention of Eddie Yen from the Idaho Trade Office in Taiwan, we have also received tremendous support from many people with the state of Idaho on this project.

Our gratitude goes out to Gov. Butch Otter, Kim Polzin at the Department of Agriculture, Jennifer Verdon at the Department of Commerce and countless others working on our behalf. We thank them for their continued support of this unique opportunity. We could not have done this without their help.

JOS ZAMZOW AND CALLIE NOVAK, principals of Dynamite Marketing, Inc.

... to Winco employee

Thank you, Winco employee!

On Sunday, June 16, I shopped at Winco on Myrtle Street in Boise. On Monday, June 17, I discovered that I lost my credit cards. I called Winco and an employee had turned them in. Thank you so much!



No disrespect intended

On June 14, 1923, the National Flag Code was constructed by representatives of over 68 organizations, under the auspices of the National Americanism Commission of The American Legion. On June 22, 1942, the Code became public law.

In an attempt to pay tribute to those who serve our country, past and present, we decided to substitute our standard flags with small replica American Flags on Memorial Day.

We made a mistake by not providing a flag holder to properly place the flag once it was removed from the hole and by not further instructing our members to be sure to follow proper flag etiquette. While many members are aware of the protocol and followed it, as noted in a letter to the editor on June 8, some did not.

We intended no disrespect to the flag or to those who have given their lives fighting for our freedoms. We will continue to use the replica American Flag when appropriate and take extraordinary measures to ensure the rules of American Flag protocol are followed by all our members. We sincerely apologize for this oversight.

CAREY H. MCNEAL, president, Crane Creek Country Club, Boise


A day for celebration

It is about that time of year again. July 4th is Independence Day. Are we going to celebrate Independence Day as freedom from being under the rule of a foreign country? A free country that all can enjoy regardless if they had ancestors who were here and fought for freedom or if they or their ancestors are more recent arrivals who came here to enjoy that freedom. Are we going to acknowledge Independence Day with a Fourth of July parade? Or are we going to just have a "We the People" Parade?

A We the People Parade can be held on almost any day of any week. A Fourth of July Parade can only be held on the Fourth of July. I find the excuse that I have heard in the past that no government agency was sponsoring the parade to be unacceptable. Many people in many places have celebrated the Fourth of July, Independence Day, without any form of government assistance in many parts of this country. Boise should be able to do the same.



Credit not deserved

I read the letters recently and find myself filled with dismay with a statement concerning Rep. Raul Labrador. In the letter the man talks about the "graciousness" of Rep. Labrador for speaking to the public after a memorial. Does he think Labrador is monarchy or something. He is an elected representative on one of his 235 vacation days. I don't get this worship of elected people. This is his job. We don't need his condescension to the "masses."


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