Idaho's May unemployment rate edges up to 6.2 percent

June 21, 2013 

Idaho’s labor force increased by 1,100 workers last month — the largest number in more than a year — pushing the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate from 6.1 percent in April to 6.2 percent for May. The number of workers off the job rose by 900 to 47,500, erasing April’s decline. It was the first monthly increase in the unemployment rate since June 2011, when the rate hit 8.5 percent, just short of a post-recession 8.8 percent, before beginning a steady two-year decline. The tenth of a percentage point increase in the Idaho rate matched the uptick in the national rate to 7.6 percent in May. But Idaho’s rate was still more than a percentage point below the May 2012 rate of 7.3 percent, and May marked the 140th straight month Idaho’s rate has been below the national average.

All major sectors of the economy except private education services reported increasing payrolls from April to May, and nearly all were at rates higher than average over the past 10 years. Education services dropped 300 jobs from April, reflecting the winding down of the traditional school year.

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