Website is 1-stop shop for Idaho stats

You can get the latest state data on education, poverty, crime and other topics.

CYNTHIA SEWELLJune 20, 2013 


    IdahoAda Canyon

    Poverty rate (2011): Idaho:17%, Ada:13%, Canyon:20%

    Annual average wage (2011): Idaho:$37,206, Ada: $43,097, Canyon:$32,988

    Unemployment rate (March 2013): Idaho: 6.8%, Ada: 5.6%, Canyon: 7.2%

    Hispanic population (2012): Idaho: 11.6%, Ada: 7.4%, Canyon: 24.3%

    Violent crime rate per 10,000 population (2011): Idaho: 20, Ada: 20, Canyon: 24

    No health insurance coverage (under age 65, 2010): Idaho: 20%, Ada: 17%, Canyon: 23%

    Teens unemployed, not in school (2011): Idaho: 5.4%, Ada: 3.3%, Canyon: 9.5%

    Average home value (2010): Idaho: $174,845, Ada: $210,467, Canyon: $148,409

Aiming to take the hard work out of finding and analyzing state and federal data, the University of Idaho's Office of Community Partnerships developed the website that offers up-to-date socioeconomic data.

The Indicators Idaho website,, features data on dozens of topics, including unemployment, wages, household income, teenage pregnancy, housing affordability and more. The information is compiled from several government agencies, including the Census Bureau, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Labor.

In addition to getting the latest statistics, users will find under each chart or graph questions and options prompting users to look deeper into the data.

"Our website makes data collection simple," said Christy Dearien, the website's manager and a research associate at Community Partnership. "Rather than searching through multiple government websites, people can use Indicators Idaho to easily access data on a wide range of topics."

From the data it collects, the office also has created "Idaho at a Glance," a series of research briefs addressing critical policy issues in Idaho. Topics include rural education, Hispanic population, telecommunications and the recession in rural Idaho.

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