Letters to the editor-06-20-2013

June 20, 2013 


Government programa tool for junk food buying

The next time you are in a grocery or convenience store see what is paying for the purchase in front of you (Quest card). Food stamps have become the number one tender for paying for junk food.

The food stamp program, provides assistance for purchasing food to low-income people.

They can be used to purchase any prepackaged edible foods, regardless of nutritional value (e.g. soft drinks and confections). Good programs can sometime go wrong; 13.5 percent of Idahoans are currently on food stamps.

I work where I get to see what the program is paying for and it definitely is not nutritional food. Candy, cookies and pop are the primary items being purchased. Children have the cards and can purchase any food item.

Is this the best use of our tax dollar? The country is seeing an increase in unhealthy children. This is not being helped by allowing the food stamp recipient to purchase high calorie and low nutritional foods.

Food stamps should be limited to healthy foods. Pay attention and let your Legislature and governor know that food stamps should buy healthy food, not junk.



Park is a good idea, butconcerns must be addressed

I like the idea of the proposed all-terrain park in Eagle, but have grown concerned about the scope and scale of the project.

I was told the park could draw about 1,200 people on peak days.

How will that affect traffic in and around the park? Is infrastructure adequately planned? Will the 19 million gallons of well water needed be too great a drain? Have feasibility studies been done for soil erosion or runoff? How bright will the lights be, or noisy the equipment to neighborhoods? What are long-term costs? Will changes deter usage by the community? What are the cities liabilities?

I hope a comprehensive plan will be forthcoming and that important stakeholders like neighborhood associations, businesses, public utilities and various user groups, will be able to review and comment before building begins.

Please, let's don't wreck our lovely Foothills.

Let's make sure we develop a sustainable park that connects people with the built environment and the natural one already provided. Let's make sure the vision is a collaborative one.

A vision that creates lasting value, drawing from Eagle's unique environment, culture, and history and creates a sense of place that will endure for many years to come.



Privatization has notworked for this operation

There is an old saying that wonders never cease. Well, one has just occurred.

Raul Labrador and Rand Paul are on the same side of an argument as the ACLU and I agree with them. Our government has gone too far with its surveillance programs.

This nonsense was held in check for quite a while following the Church Committee hearings. However, now it's worse than ever.

Congress has avoided liability by turning the surveillance over to huge corporations where the liabilities are just added to their cost of doing business. It's total awareness corporate surveillance with virtually no oversight or regulation. If members of Congress know anything about it, they can't talk because it's classified. It's like the "Black Water" of surveillance. Frank Church must be turning over in his grave.

RON ALLEN, Caldwell


Beck's proposal showssigns of dictatorship

Rod Beck and the Tea Partiettes are not unlike Hitler and the Nazi Party. Hitler also dictated that citizens sign a loyalty oath to the party.

Before long Beck and his cronies will insist on the same uniform physical features for any Republican candidate, being married, and their having produced a certain number of children - or not.

It is not the American way for an individual or one party to dictate 'sanction' of any candidate who desires to run for an office.

Beck's proposal is another outrageous elitist stratagem that will make Idaho Republicans a national joke laughing stock, and ensure they appear on "News of the Weird."

Beck appears to be striving to become an urban legend!


Beck proposal an insult

Rod Beck's continual crusade to limit Republican primary candidates to those selected by a special committee, reeks of voter suppression. To arrogantly assume that any committee composed of political hacks "know what's best" is an insult to voters.

The fact that he was defeated should have given Mr. Beck more than a hint that his "attitude" is in dire need of "adjustment." He evidently doesn't realize that his antics only invigorates opponents and causes disruption among Republicans.

Politicians are supposed to be elected by the will of the people, not the other way around.


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