Micron turns profit for first time in 2 years

Statesman staffJune 19, 2013 

Micron headquarters in Boise.

KATHERINE JONES — Katherine Jones / Idaho Statesma

Micron Technology Inc. reported its first profit in two years Wednesday.

The memory-chip maker said it earned $43 million in the quarter that ended May 30. That compares with a $320 million loss in the same quarter of 2012.

Micron lost money for seven consecutive quarters as selling prices remained low in the volatile worldwide markets for memory chips.

CEO Mark Durcan said markets have improved for Micron's two biggest product classes, dynamic random-access memory and flash memory. DRAM is the most common type of memory in personal computers, including laptops and workstations. It loses data without power. Flash memory is used in smartphones, cameras and music players. It retains data when the devices are turned off.

Durcan also said the company continues "to focus our efforts on advancing our operational efficiency."

Micron expects to complete its acquisition of Japan's bankrupt Elpida Memory Inc., a competitor, in the current quarter, Durcan said. The current quarter ends Aug. 29.

Micron employs 25,000 people, including 10,000 in the U.S. About 5,600 are at the company’s headquarters in Boise.

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