Baby season at Zoo Boise: Monkey, porcupine, skunks are new additions

June 18, 2013 

— A baby black-crested mangabey monkey born June 12 at Zoo Boise is healthy and doing well, according to a zoo spokeswoman.

The male monkey is the first mangabey born at Zoo Boise.

The mother, Betty, previously raised another baby at her previous home in the San Antonio Zoo, Liz Littman said.

“We’ve seen nursing, and the baby is moving around and gaining strength, so it looks good,” she said.

The monkey does not yet have a name yet, she said. In the past, Zoo Boise has used donors or contests to come up with names for the zoo’s newest additions.

Black-crested mangabeys are native to central Africa and are related to baboons. Newborn mangabeys ride on their mothers stomachs until they are old enough to hold onto her back.

A zoo press released told visitors not to worry if they saw the new mother carrying the baby monkey upside down, calling it “not uncommon” for monkeys to carry their young this way, then turn them over for feeding.

Twelve-year old Murphy, the father, is a first-time dad, according to Zoo Boise.

The newborn monkey is not the zoo’s only baby this season, Littman said. A baby porcupine was born in April, and a female serval kitten was born in March.

A litter of skunks was also born recently at the zoo.

“We’re having a little baby boom,” she said. “It all depends on the animals, and it seems this year, they’re all successful.”

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