Letters to the editor-06-18-2013

June 18, 2013 


Americans: You can be replaced by newcomers

Immigrants will do jobs Americans won't. How long have we heard that cry? Now we need highly educated, high-tech immigrants. We don't have the ability to compete with the world. Wow! Then we sure don't need to pay more for American education - we just can't compete. We are incapable of training our own. We teach our young people no work ethic, there is no physical labor they can do, let alone get a little respect and discipline so they can learn something in school. Let's face it. Americans can't do anything. Import everyone - and while we are at it, let's import the government because they really can't do their jobs. Immigrant politicians would probably require less wages and less benefits. It would be a good fit for all. Maybe they would not have the pompous, superior attitudes that our homegrown politicians have - and yes, that means you too, the Idaho good old boys.

CAROL JENSEN, New Plymouth

Successful ancestors took long road to citizenship

Family legend has it that Grandpa appeared on these shores with a fist full of cigars and a bottle of whiskey. Although this is certainly a myth, it is a fact that he arrived in the early part of the last century. And, Grandma followed him here.

They learned English. They learned about the economy, our government and the customs and traditions of their new home.

They wanted to become citizens. In order to become citizens they had to appear before a judge to prove that they were ready for citizenship. So, they melted into the general population producing two sons who fought in World War II and later on became medical doctors.



Those who served should go to the front of the line

To resolve the massive backlog of veterans' disability claims at the Veterans Administration:

President Barack Obama and Mr. Hagel, the secretary of defense, need to go to Congress and educate our legislators to the problem facing veterans who have filed disability claims with the Veterans Administration. Writing letters to the commander-in-chief and Hagel would go a long way in convincing them to go to Congress.

Then letters and phone calls to Congress will get their attention to the problem facing our veterans.

And last, but not least, Congress has to give the Veterans Administration more money to resolve this problem. Congress bailed out the banks, now it's time for Congress to bail out our veterans who are now facing extreme hardships because of the lengthy time it takes the Veterans Administration to resolve our disabled veterans' claims.



Medicaid option needed

A recent Rand Corporation study predicts 19,000 Americans will die per year because 14 Republican states are rejecting the Medicaid expansion provisions in the Affordable Care Act. Additionally, rejectionist states, including Idaho, will lose $8 billion in health care aid for their most vulnerable citizens. It will also cost them $1 billion to pay hospitals for indigent care. Extrapolating from these numbers, we can expect 80 Idahoans per year will die needlessly because Idaho is one of these rejectionist states. If that isn't bad enough, this grand posturing will cost Idaho about $38 million dollars per year in lost aid and additional costs.

If Republicans want to investigate a scandal, the needless death of 19,000 American for the simple purpose of political posturing is far more important than what they are investigating now. This is what a real scandal looks like. It is just another crisis they, themselves, have created. Sadly, like the invasion of Iraq, people will pay for these shenanigans with their lives.



Columnist misses point

In response to Dana Milbank, a Washington Post columnist's commentary in the Sunday - Father's Day - Insight section of the Statesman, he does a great job of deflection from the real issue of "Baby, Baby, Baby" which is addressed in the House Judiciary Committee members' bill. I don't know many women who are willing to give up their children. I have two adopted daughters, and I say "thank you" every day, especially on Father's Day. Who does Milbank recommend be on the majority side, one Nancy Pelosi? I think the House Judiciary Committee is taking "Responsibility, Responsibility, Responsibility" and Milbank might publish his theme song as "Me Me Me."


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