Sun Valley plans promotions


The Sun Valley Marketing Alliance will target potential visitors from Los Angeles, Seattle, Boise and, for the first time, Salt Lake City.

Alliance President Arlene Schieven says the campaign will include about a 33 to 66 percent split between print and digital advertising, and feature a mountain-biking-focused promotional video.

The video suggests that people who suffer from "Singletrack Deficit Disorder, " or STDD, cure themselves of not mountain biking often enough by visiting Sun Valley this summer. It pokes fun at the - sort of - history of mountain biking in the area, from "riding donkeys" to shredding up and down the current trail system.

Many of the print ads feature phrases that juxtapose two seemingly incongruous activities or ideas that a person could enjoy simultaneously in Sun Valley, such as: "Where adrenaline and refinement met, shook hands and created one of the planet's most perfect summer playgrounds," and "We recommend the fresh trout with a side of Vinyasa."

Schieven says the alliance's next target is San Francisco, but the organization's budget is too tight to flood the Bay Area with ads this summer.

The Sun Valley Marketing Alliance reveals several elements of a $100,000 summer advertising campaign.

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