KPMG in Boise builds spaces for mobile employees


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The office at 205 N. 10th St. provides more open, energy efficient and collaborative space that supports the needs of a wireless, in-the-field workforce, KPMG says. Boise employee Tami Tomko talks with former employee Matt Somero in the reception area.

The renovation is part of KPMG's "Workplace of the Future" initiative. The firm says its goal is to optimize the way its people work and support the business goals, including environmental responsibility.

"Many of us are spending less time in the office and more time with clients," says KPMG Boise Managing Partner John Hale. "When we are in the office, we need a flexible mix of work spaces that allow us to move wirelessly from an individual work space to a project team room, informal collaboration area or quiet room. The Workplace of the Future renovation meets our evolving need for increased efficiency, collaboration, mobility and innovative technology while managing costs."

The Boise renovation includes:

• Building to meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certifications.

• Lowering work space walls to allow more natural light.

• Adding solar film to windows to maintain consistent heating and cooling.

• Expanded use of a work space reservation system known as "hoteling" to provide a mix of work spaces on demand.

• Improved technology, such as Voice over IP software, greater remote access to shared networks and officewide wireless connectivity.

• "The Hub" - a gathering place for informal breaks and meetings, with a flat screen TV and cafe-like amenities including Wi-Fi connectivity.

• An enlarged project room to accommodate in-house training and larger group meetings with improved audio-visual connectivity.

The firm says its research found:

Work space use is changing. KPMG employees frequently work at clients' sites, so private offices and workstations tend to be used, while collaboration space is in high demand.

Mobility is prevalent. Workers need enhanced technology to support connectivity.

Accommodating evolving work styles will improve client service and help attract and retain high-caliber talent.

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