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dstaats@idahostatesman.comJune 18, 2013 

Staats, David

David Staats

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When we cover an event, we try to serve people who get news on their electronic devices and people who take time once a day to read the print edition. We aim to report with both immediacy and depth.

One example is our coverage of Boise Mayor Dave Bieter's annual State of the City address June 12. At the Statesman's table, a few of us tweeted. Even if you don't follow us on Twitter, our tweets and those of others using the #BieterSOC hashtag were posted on for anyone to read while the event was still under way.

Bieter made news by announcing his desire to hold a bond election to raise money for a bunch of city projects. City Hall reporter Sven Berg tweeted and later wrote about that for the website and the paper.

After Bieter finished, business reporters Kristin Rodine and Zach Kyle and I approached him. We sought to explore two business-related comments he'd made - one criticizing the state for chasing low-wage employers, the other urging the audience to contribute to a new effort by three Boise entrepreneurs to nurture startups. Kyle took video of Bieter on his iPhone for posting on our website (it's still there). Rodine tracked down two of the entrepreneurs. The bond-election proposal was arguably old news by the next morning's print edition, so we downplayed it in favor of Rodine's more enterprising story developing the wage and startup angles.

What more would you like to read or see? I welcome your ideas for future event coverage.


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