Letters to the editor - 6-17-13

June 17, 2013 


Calls for censorship should be ignored

Some so-called liberals (you know who you are) have written to the Idaho Statesman, demanding the Statesman stop printing letters of conservative opinions (like Dano Savino's) and stop printing the opinions of Charles Krauthammer and George Will. Even conservative political cartoons! Recently, a reader even demanded that Boise disinvite Dennis Miller, have him cancel his July show altogether.

Are you sure you're a liberal? Webster's Student edition defines liberalism as "a political belief stressing progress, the essential goodness of humankind, and individual freedom." I chose the Student definition to make it simple and clear for everyone.

By definition alone, you are not liberal. Here's why:

The First Amendment guarantees our freedom of speech, written or oral. By demanding the Statesman censor others' opinions, you are taking away their guaranteed right to freedom of speech. Therefore, by definition, you are not liberal.

Your censorship of free speech, however, is a common tool of tyrannical and despotic regimes. Your actions are more akin to those governments. If this is news to you, go retake some history courses. If this is a shock to you, stop and contemplate your actions.

By the way, I applaud the Statesman for ignoring you.



Church shouldn't be a target for hatred

Mr. Dano Savino may be a kind person who loves little children, kittens, flowers and soft music, or he may be that person who spews hatred toward others.

In his latest diatribe Mr. Savino disparages a Unitarian church. I was raised in St. Paul, Minn., and attended a Unitarian church since I was a child. In that church I was taught there are no bad religions or races, only bad people. Unitarians were there when our country was founded, when civil rights marchers fell under the clubs and dogs of white supremacy. Like other Unitarians, I served my country proudly in the military, believe in the Bill of Rights, especially the First and Second amendments.

If Mr. Savino wishes to spew hatred, then most certainly he should.

He should direct that hatred at those who start unnecessary wars that maim and kill thousands of our young and brave.

Too often it is the haters in our country that turn us against one another in the hope that this will distract us from the real purpose of their actions, tearing down our democracy. This is how totalitarian governments have succeeded in the past.

Think past the hate!



Carrying weapon is a right

If Obama has a gun issue, he can start by jailing Attorney General Eric Holder. Gun control isn't about guns, it's about control. Ask any of history's dictators. Let Obama and Sen. Dianne Feinstein lead by example and get rid of their security first.

The national response time by police in America today is 23 minutes, plenty of time for robbery, rape, homicide, etc. By contrast, the average response time for a .357 magnum is around 1,500 feet per second. Do the math, and there'll only be one side of the story when the cops finally do get there.

If you don't like guns, that's your business, but don't preach to me about death from inanimate objects while you stand around sucking down cigarettes, killing your body with booze or drugs, or texting on the freeway. I used to tell liberals years ago, if Ted Kennedy can drive a car, I can carry a gun, and I haven't killed anybody with mine.

It's a constitutional right, not some "privilege." Our Founders themselves defined "militia" as all able-bodied men over the age of 17 capable of bearing arms during chaotic times. It is not the National Guard.

Live free or move back to California.

MIKE BRADBURY, Mountain Home

Guns may keep us free

Allow me to address Mr. Brumbalow's (5/31/13) letter and his concern about so many "gun nuts" in the state of Idaho.

First, yep, there are a lot of them. Second, they are not going anyplace. Now, I suppose you could run for office on the platform of a "gun-free Idaho" and change things?

If running for public office is a bit too much, you could keep checking the front page of this paper every day for the listing of the states that are going "gun-free" - such as Illinois, New York, New Jersey and California - and consider relocating to one of these states where you would feel safe. It's a free country, sir, thanks to millions of gun-toting heroes. It is starting to look like it may take guns to keep it free.

That, Mr. Brumbalow, will be a very sad day for us all.


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