Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf in Boise?

Statesman staffJune 15, 2013 

Where's LaBeouf?

A June 7 post from Shia LaBeouf's Twitter account proclaimed Gowen Field would be "my new home for a month" as he prepares to film the movie "Fury." Subsequent tweets showed a variety of military scenes, a few of which involved military vehicles and weapons.

With the National Guard, but not Idaho's:

Turns out LaBeouf spent the week with the Oregon National Guard. A late Friday news release said his visit was "to better understand the values and integrity of our young warfighters." There was no mention of Brad Pitt.

So was he in Idaho?

Idaho National Guard spokesman Col. Tim Marsano followed up on the Oregon release, writing that the Guardsmen took LaBeouf to the Idaho Guard's Orchard Combat Training Center, 20 miles south of Gowen Field. No filming took place there, Marsano said.

What about this movie?

"Fury" is set at the end of World War II. Its plot centers on a tank crew that faces off against members of the German army. The director is David Ayer, who helmed the movies "End of Watch" and "Training Day."

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