Letters to the editor-06-15-2013

June 15, 2013 


... to restaurant staff

On May 30, my husband and I arrived at the Boise Airport and were met by our dearest friends from Ontario. They took us to dinner at Thai Cuisine on Overland Road in Boise.

After a delicious meal we continued our journey to McCall. As we were unloading the car my gold chain necklace fell on the floor, and I realized my diamond pendant was missing. I couldn't call the restaurant until the next morning and when I did I told the woman who answered the phone that I lost my diamond and it might have been while I was at the restaurant.

Chances were that it would never be found, but they would look and call me back.

An hour later she called to say it had been found on the ladies room floor. Needless to say I was elated and surprised! Elated because it was the one piece of good jewelry I wanted to leave to my granddaughter and surprised because of the honesty.

We returned to Boise four days later, picked up my diamond and ate another great meal at Thai Cuisine. Charb Lohanuwal, the owner, and staff are to be commended for their integrity.

CATHERINE LYTTLE, Franklin Township, N.J.

... to a kind shopper

Mid-afternoon on Friday, June 7, I was in the Overland Road Fred Meyer, browsing a display.

A lady shopper stopped to ask me if I needed help. I had the good fortune to be able to tell her that I did not, but had the presence of mind to thank her for having asked.

This note is being written in the hope the lady in question sees it so I can express more directly to her my sincere thanks for the kindness of her offer and to express, too, the wish that my answer will not discourage her making offers of help to others in the future.

People such as she are important to all of us (especially those like me on the cusp of need) and we should all appreciate her thoughtfulness. Again, thank you for your kindness, ma'am. It was and is much appreciated.


... to a thoughtful person

I want to thank the nice person who saw me leave the car wash on a recent Friday with paint all over my car. I told him that I thought it was mud and I used the car wash, but apparently it did not come off.

He suggested a method to get off the paint. I manage to get 85 percent of it off. Also I understand I have an understanding wife as it was her car and I am alive to send this note of thanks.


... to sponsors, volunteers

On behalf of Idaho Patriot Thunder Benefit Ride, we would like to express our thanks to all of our corporate sponsors, the Treasure Valley Law enforcement agencies, the cities of Meridian, Mountain Home and Nampa for being a part of Idaho's largest motorcycle charity ride.

With their help and over 1,000 motorcycle participants, we raised over $45,000 to help out three great military organizations.

Operation Warmheart (Mountain Home Air Force Base), Idaho National Guard Family Support Fund and the Wyakin Warrior Foundation.

Once again the motorcycle community showed their heart and support to our military families and veterans.

Our thanks to everybody that helped and a huge thank you to all of our military members, past and present.

TODD GODFREY, Idaho Patriot Thunder, Meridian


Family deserves to know

Thanks to Cynthia Sewell for the June 2 story on Air Force Capt. Harry Cecil Moore.

I hope everyone gets a chance to see the documentary, "Keeping the Promise Alive," which chronicles the Moore family's attempts to find answers to what really happened to Harry in the Korean War. Was he killed in action or was he MIA, as a 2002 letter to his brother Robert indicated?

If this was your brother, husband, father or grandfather, wouldn't you want to know the answer in your lifetime?

I encourage everyone to please write Sens. Mike Crapo and Jim Risch (www.crapo.senate.gov) (www.risch.senate.gov) and President Obama (www.whitehouse.gov) and ask them the status of Capt. Harry Cecil Moore.

More than 8,000 American servicemen are listed as MIA from the Korean War alone. There are approximately 83,000 MIA from other conflicts.

Please help the Moore family keep the promise alive and do your part as an American to help them get the answers they deserve.



Bosses shouldn't rule

Read the article in the June 12 paper regarding the Idaho GOP's party bosses wanting to make the ultimate selection of the candidates that will be permitted to run in the general election. Anybody else notice in this virtually one-party, closed-primary state that if the bosses get their way, the GOP will effectively disenfranchise the voting public?


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