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June 14, 2013 


5204 Overland Road, Boise, 345-5151

Nick Harrigfeld says the success of Hillcrest Floral comes down to one thing: the staff.

"They are Hillcrest Floral," said Harrigfeld.

He has owned the shop for more than three decades. Some of the Hillcrest Floral designers have been there nearly as long. On a big holiday - Mother's Day or Valentine's Day - staffers work investment banker-like hours to get all their orders filled. The store serves Boise, Meridian, Kuna and Eagle from its one location in the Hillcrest Shopping Center.

Hillcrest Floral stays tuned in to trends. Designers created "roundy moundies" with baby's breath in the 1980s. They made the tasteful monochrome bouquets popularized by Martha Stewart in the 1990s.

These days, as the economy is on the upswing and people are buying flowers again, Hillcrest Floral is embracing "hot colors" exemplified by the bucket of flame-orange gladiolus near the counter on a recent afternoon.

"We're coming out of a dark time. People want bright colors," said Harrigfeld.

Hillcrest Floral is a repeat winner. It also snagged 2011's Best Florist crown.


• Hope Blooms Flowers & Things, 391 W. State St., Eagle, 939-4022,

• Boise At Its Best Flowers, 851 S. Vista Ave., Boise, 342-4885,

• Blooms Flower Studio, 1220 W. State St., Boise, 395-1300,

• Capital City Florist, 5200 W. Fairview Ave., Boise, 377-0120,

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