Best hiking/biking trail

June 14, 2013 


Eagle to Lucky Peak Dam along the Boise River

Greenbelt? Again? Suppose you also voted water fountain as your favorite drinking spot. OK, we get it. The Greenbelt is the Treasure Valley's freeway for human-powered transportation and recreation.

Of course, we're telling you what you already know. You can take a casual stroll, ride a bike or skateboard, inline skate, and we've even seen a few crazy contraptions on this sidewalk of earthly delights.

And let's not forget you can also hook a trout (or a steelhead in the fall), spot a bald eagle, surf a wave or just watch the stream of humanity pass by, especially during summer when the tubers are floating between Barber Park and Ann Morrison Park.

Sure, it's a stretch to call walking the Greenbelt a hike, or call a relatively flat paved path a "biking trail," but that's all right. You love the Greenbelt, and who are we to argue?

Unfortunately, Camel's Back Park did not take the news well about getting out-voted for the umpteenth time. The news was followed by sobbing and the sound of breaking glass. That's sad, Camel's Back, just sad.


• Camel's Back Park

• Table Rock

• Hulls Gulch

• Military Reserve

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