Best coffeehouse

June 14, 2013 


Multiple locations

"White Chocolate Mocha, please!" Perhaps it's a phrase you utter almost religiously every Saturday morning. Perhaps you have attempted to re-create this tasty, strangely addictive drink - but no dice. (Sigh). So every weekend you plop down $4 on a simple-yet-so-difficult-to-replicate concoction of coffee, milk and flavoring.

Don't worry, you are not alone. And it is SOOO worth it.

Moxie Java holds a very special place in the hearts of coffee lovers. For some of us, Moxie was, ahem, our first! That sweet and smooth Milky Way can forever change the way you view coffee. And the seasonal drinks - yum - are something to look forward to as much as the holiday itself.

Although Moxie finished on top again this year, as usual, newcomer (sorta) Lucky Perk was a handful of votes away from that spot. It just so happens that Lucky Perk - formed by a local independent group of former Moxie Java owners - took over six Treasure Valley Moxie Java locations, making their debut on Jan. 28. The heat is on, which is always a good thing for coffee lovers.


• Lucky Perk, multiple locations,

• Dutch Bros. Coffee, multiple locations,

• Flying M Coffeehouse, 500 W. Idaho St., Suite 100, Boise, 345-4320,

• Starbucks, multiple locations,

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