Best TV personality

June 14, 2013 


KTVB Channel 7, 375-7277,

Women ruled this year's TV personality voting. And KTVB was the dominant source of finalists, providing the top three.

Maggie O'Mara, who's anchored KTVB's morning show, "Today's Morning News," since 2000, said she's proud to work with her fellow KTVB women, particularly Dee Sarton. "If my name is even mentioned with hers, I'm honored," she said.

Over the past 13 years, O'Mara said, "Today's Morning News" viewers have watched her grow up - from being a 20-something single person to getting married and having a baby. "I think I might be relatable to them because I'm a mom who works," she said. "I just happen to be a mom who works on TV."

O'Mara said social media has helped her develop a give-and-take rapport instead of the traditional one-way delivery. "I feel like I'm friends with these people because they can connect with me any time," she said.

Some good news for those viewers: O'Mara said she has no plans to leave KTVB.


• Dee Sarton, KTVB Channel 7

• Carolyn Holly, KTVB Channel 7

• Michelle Edmonds, KIVI Channel 6

• Larry Gebert, KTVB Channel 7

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