Reports of aggressive solicitors mount in Boise

Statesman staffJune 13, 2013 

This is what a license issued to solicitors by the city of Boise looks like.


After receiving multiple reports of aggressive door-to-door solicitors in recent days, Boise police are advising residents what to do if something doesn't feel right when a seller comes knocking.

Recent reports detail how a young man wearing a polo-type shirt with a DirecTV or Dish Network logo on the left shoulder shows up and is aggressive in trying to get into residents' homes to check their TV equipment and see if they're eligible for upgrades.

Boise police said some of the solicitors are licensed with the city but are concerning residents because of their sales tactics.

Police advise you to do the following if one of these sellers pays you a visit:

• Ask to see city-issued license. It should have the seller's photo, dates the license is valid, the city seal and a bar code.

• If so, get their name and solicitor license number and call the City Clerks Office at 384-3710.

• Call 911 if a solicitor appears threatening or suspicious.

• Do not allow or invite solicitors into your home. They can conduct business on your doorstep and they do not need to assess your belongings, your telephone or your restroom.

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