Letters to the editor-06-13-2013

June 13, 2013 


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Costs are higher in Boise

On May 25 I gassed up at an Exxon station in Idaho Falls and paid $3.55.9 per gallon for regular. Gas in Boise is at least $3.79.9. Then on May 28 I gassed at Costco in Twin Falls and paid $3.48.9 per gallon and on May 30 at Costco in Boise I paid $3.66.9 per gallon. I sure would like to hear an explanation why the big difference. Something is rotten in Idaho. Maybe it's just greed!



He's better than Maher

Oh, come on. I didn't see Bill Pinkney's letter about Bill Maher when he was in town recently.

Maher is lower than pond scum with his hate and lies but I guess Pinkney doesn't mind that.

Dennis Miller is well worth seeing with or without Bill O'Reilly. At least we have fair and balanced entertainment venue.



Senator votes to expand government's reach

As news of the NSA blanket surveillance program finally grabs the attention of the American people, Idaho constituents should know that Sen. Jim Risch sits on the Select Committee on Intelligence, and must have been well aware of - if not complicit in - this violation of our constitutional rights.

This is not a stain on an otherwise clean slate.

A glance through Sen. Risch's voting record in regard to technology/communication legislation and cybersecurity legislation shows that he has consistently voted to expand government control and surveillance of private communication.

Sen. Jim Risch has failed to uphold the U.S. Constitution after swearing an oath to protect it. His record demonstrates an inability and unwillingness to protect your First and Fourth Amendment rights in a changing technological landscape.

Remember this when he comes up for re-election in a year and a half.

HENRY GOETSCH, Garden Valley


Hub will attract more seniors to Downtown

It's not surprising Idaho's elite politicos quashed the Downtown transit center as reported in the Statesman.

Nor is it surprising they apparently avoided their real reason for their opposition, not wanting "those other kind of people" around the Statehouse, just like they didn't want Occupy Boise.

Their action is a crying shame. A well-managed transit center could be a valuable asset to the city and state. I used to work a few blocks from Portland's transit hub that sits amid five-star hotels, upscale restaurants, major department stores and many government and other buildings.

On any nice day, the plaza is filled with people of all walks of life - bankers, stockbrokers, employees from all those buildings, many eating brown bag lunches or takeouts purchased from local eateries. The hub services major bus lines and the light rail MAX.

A Boise Downtown center would offer us seniors an opportunity to visit Downtown, the Statehouse and other area attractions without fighting traffic and parking hassles.

I guess that if you don't belong to their club, you have to go elsewhere. If it's out of sight, it's out of mind and then, no problem.



U.S. is losing ground

Is hacking into our private digital communications more sinister than China hacking into military and industrial records and files? Maybe the Chinese read only what is "vital for our national security."

Have you heard that line some-place before? Maybe China knows what is best for us, better than the NSA.

We are rapidly losing ground to China by many measures. It seems that "The Largest Hypocrisy on the Planet" is the only arena left where we can compete.

Do you know how you can tell if our elected hypocrites are lying?


1) When they are talking out of both sides of their mouth (always).

2) When they are talking (always).

We are no longer a democracy. We are an emerging hypocrisy.

The Nazis proliferated in Germany on the premise of national security. Do you know how you could tell if the Nazis were lying?



Blame national debt on military buildup

They've just added two years to the projected fiscal sustainability of Medicare - till 2026, and Social Security is good till 2035.

The cries of doom for these lifelines of the elderly overlook the fact that a simple increase in the amount of income that is taxed to pay for them will ensure their solvency well into the future. They have been tweaked repeatedly over the years, so what's the big deal?

Neither of these "entitlements" - so called because those of us who paid into those insurance trust funds for the past 50 years or so feel entitled to their benefits - has contributed to the national debt. That debt is due primarily to wars we never fought (the military-industrial complex) and undeclared and unnecessary wars we never paid for.


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