Letters to the editor-06-12-2013

June 12, 2013 


We should take advantage of skilled workers trained

Our nation's economy is in desperate need of an overhaul. We need change that would promote job growth through cutting-edge thinking and modernism - a change that would come from growing the technology industry.

The immigration debate isn't just about who will harvest our fields but who will also engineer our hard drives. The immigration reform in the United States Senate works to ensure that Americans can compete globally in the 21st century. That includes bringing workers from overseas and allowing visas to a highly skilled workforce that we have educated, but are then forcing to return home.

Merit and skill should be the driving force behind our immigration policy. Our country's economy was once dominated by manufacturing and production. However, as technology advances and economies become increasingly global, the U.S. draws more and more from our authority as an innovative and cutting-edge global leader. We need policies that encourage higher education and employment in forward-learning industries. If not, we risk falling behind - other countries have already prioritized these areas. The market is shifting and - just like a local supermarket or an online retailer - we need to adjust to the ever changing environments.



Making snow is the easy part of Eagle terrain park

A winter wonderland for Eagle?

Regarding the May 29 article on the proposed terrain park:

As a rule, I am suspicious of companies making big promises.

Gateway Parks has promised improvements to the Eagle Sports Complex, and create a winter wonderland - tubing hill with a magic carpet and snow machines - in exchange for keeping 90 percent of ticket revenue.

I do not want to see a free-to-access park to a paid recreation site.

Is this a smart move? With enough water and energy, you can create snow anyplace ... but that does not mean you should! I think we should be concerned about how we use those resources. We have several great ski resorts nearby. It makes little sense to steal the land from the public and create a future boondoggle (I foresee after several seasons the affair would close to leave Eagle with their own Tamarack).

If successful, this venture will mean less access to the Foothills, more traffic, and a sports complex that was free to all turned into a pay-only corporate zone.



If organized labor is best why does Detroit tank?

Regarding anti-labor laws, unions, economics and education.

As always, there's two sides to every story. Please read about Jock Yablonski and the UMW, another very good read is Robert Kennedy's book, "The Enemy Within." Yes, these are from the past (the '60s). Well look and read about some of your present day unions. SEIU working with ACORN? By the way, where is Jimmy Hoffa ?

Vallejo, Stockton and San Bernardino, are California cities that filed for bankruptcy.

This year, Detroit Michigan (the fifth largest US city in the '50s) is under a state-controlled emergency manager. Detroit may file for bankruptcy by the end of this year. Stop and think, Detroit, the Motor City, with its many unions is in dire financial straits. Five more Michigan cities have emergency managers. Even some public schools in Michigan have emergency managers.

So Motown, with its many unions to deal with, has fallen in financial decline, a lousy economy and poor schooling.

Failure to cut spending, high wages, benefits and corrupt politicians, that were elected and re-elected with the help of greedy unions did Detroit in. Hopefully, we here in Idaho learn from other people's mistakes.



Unmanned stations have the face of unemployment

Save American jobs. Boycott self-checkout at all the stores you do business with.

Do you remember the service station attendant? When I got out of high school one of the places most young men got their first job was at a gas station. Along came self-serve gas pumps. Now there is no such thing as a gas station attendant. Do you use the ATM at the bank? Soon there will not be a teller at your bank. Mark my words friends, soon there will not be checkers at grocery stores or tellers at banks, just like there isn't a gas station attendant at your favorite gas station.

Think how many people have jobs as checkout clerks or tellers. Do you think that the stores that use self-checkout will pass the savings on to the consumer? I doubt it. Boycott self-checkout no matter how long you have to wait in line. Your neighbor's job depends on it.


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