Boise council upholds Humane Society plan for new animal shelter

Boise - The Idaho StatesmanJune 11, 2013 


Overland Road, where the shelter would be located, was at the heart of concerns raised Tuesday night at an appeal of a May 6 Planning and Zoning approval of the facility.

People who spoke against the proposed shelter and veterinary hospital complex said they’re worried it will increase traffic on Overland, that dogs will escape an enclosure and endanger themselves as well as drivers, and that barking dogs will disturb people who live, work and shop nearby.

The Humane Society’s representatives said those concerns were exaggerated. They said they’re willing to build the enclosure’s fences in a way that will keep dogs in. They like the proposed location at 8506 W. Overland because of its central location and proximity to the interstate.

Proponents also said it’s wrong to suggest the shelter would damage business for nearby veterinarians. One woman who testified said it would have the opposite effect because the Humane Society would use the facility to increase the number of adopted pets – and the demand for veterinarian service that comes with them – in the Treasure Valley.

Ada County Highway District, which maintains the streets, concluded the shelter would not cause an undue increase of traffic.

Councilman David Eberle, who made the motion to deny the appeal, said it’s not the city’s job to protect veterinarians in the area. He said he's satisfied that existing laws governing noise in the city are sufficient to keep the shelter from allowing barking dogs to become a nuisance.

Councilwoman Elaine Clegg, who seconded Eberle’s motion, said she’s nonetheless concerned about access to and from the shelter.

Council members voted unanimously to deny the appeal and uphold the Planning and Zoning Commission’s approval of the facility. 


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