Letters to the editor-06-11-2013

June 11, 2013 


Make it legal to enter U.S. without passport

In the United States there are people who are illegal. These people come because they were told that the life is better, that they will get more money. Other people come because their country has too much violence. Some are illegal because they can't afford a passport.

A cousin of mine who lives in Mexico had heard that the United States is the richest country. Since he was hearing it so much he started to want to come to the United States. He was 17 years old; he couldn't afford a passport. He went to Chihuahua, Mexico, and paid a coyote, people who cross people illegally. They need it to cross a river. When they were trying to cross the river he saw a lot of people dying because the river was going fast.

This country should make it legal to come to this country without a passport. If a person is doing bad things, that's when that person should get out of this country. Maybe if this country makes that law of making people legal, there won't be any people crossing the border and dying as they try to come into this country.



Congress should solve problems it created

Time is quickly running out for the U.S. Postal Service to survive, which needs no tax dollars whatsoever to effectively operate.

Congress controls the future of the USPS and needs to remove a crushing mandate to pre-fund future retiree's health benefits until the year 2016 at $5.5 billion a year. This mandate is the main cause for the agency to lose $25 million a day.

The Postal Service has the means available to solve its own financial problems, but it desperately needs the help of Congress to reverse the problems Congress started.

Bills have recently been introduced in Congress to stabilize the negative financial situation and to maintain the quality affordable service that the American people deserve.

Processing and delivering the mail can and should be done in timely fashion at the cheapest possible rates.

Six-day delivery of mail or mail-processing plants do not have to be compromised in order for the USPS to stay afloat.

Even in these technological times, the USPS can still provide the service the people desire, but Congress must act soon or this service will be gone forever.

JOHN PAIGE, president, Idaho State Association of Letter Carriers, Pocatello


U.S. follows same course as France

President Sarkozy, whose economic policies resembled Reagan and the Bushes, was replaced by Hollande, whose policies resemble Obama.

The reason for that was that French voters went for the gambit of "redistributing wealth" by overtaxing the very rich as well as favoring high government spending. There were riots, with Sarkozy at the helm, due to his efforts to downsize government size and spending (read cutting tax rates) which upset those who depended upon "entitlements" rather than simply working.

Now the French are auctioning a very special wine batch, served at the Presidential Palace, to raise about 250K Euros, a drop in the bucket against a 10 billion Euro deficit.

The French recession has resurged, and their unemployment rate is at record level.

Their economy is disheveled, and that can't be good for the European Union, in general, and France, in particular. The ripple effect from all that would eventually range out toward Red China, Japan and the USA. Not good.

It seems the French and USA voters have made the same mistake, and for the sake of everyone that mistake must be undone. The USA has its chance coming in 2014 and, of course, in 2016.



Show consideration

This is to all the dog owners in the Crossroads Subdivision. Please do not let your dogs bark continuously from 6 a.m. until 11 p.m. I know you like your pets but the neighbors who have to listen to them do not! Please take into consideration your neighbors who do not want to listen to your dogs. Most of you do respect your neighbors but there are some who do not care. Please get a grip on your barking dogs. We would rather not turn you in, but will if need be. Thank you

LUANN ZAHM, Meridian


Attitudes insulting

Regarding the June 3 article "Political Elite." My first reaction was insulted. "Those people." I was one of "those people." I worked for the state and rode the bus to make ends meet due to low wages. Bigot was my next thought, although that probably isn't the correct term. Every time I read an article about Idaho state government. it makes me ashamed to say I'm from Idaho.

And finally, why does the state of Idaho have any business owning property in Downtown Boise, competing with private enterprise?


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